Cyble Launches Defense Threat Intelligence Solution for Law Enforcement and Government

Cyble Launches Defense Threat Intelligence Solution for Law Enforcement and Government Agencies

Cyble, powered by AI and supported by Y Combinatory, a cyber-threat intelligence company that strengthens the dark network and controls cybercrime, today announced the acquisition of the Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) and the prevention of cybercrime. This includes technical assistance to law enforcement agencies and government agencies in collecting, analyzing, and responding to in-depth disclosure information. Cybele’s SIGINT national defense as the use of political power. In this regard, Cyble has worked in many law firms around the world.

In recent years, criminals have actively threatened to support the country’s target capital. Recent examples include the ransomware attack on a U.S. colonial pump, which threatened to withdraw half of the world’s oil.

The peoples of the world have seen their governments and armies destroyed and in-depth knowledge stored up by enemies of state-sponsored governments. The threat here is twofold. Threatened management of key information technology (CII) organizations, such as electronics, nuclear power plants, pipelines, etc. 4. Cleaning services, communication providers, and network operators.

In addition, the threat lies in the frustrating environment of these organizations, which often involve technology OEMs, contractors, R&D partners, and IT service providers. These attacks are aimed at destroying, destroying, and stealing scientific equipment.

At Cyble Hawk, Cyble provides in-depth, internal lessons to identify attacks and information that is not used to undermine national development, endanger national security, or cause national instability.

Government services are encouraged to investigate and obtain information that can be used to prevent financial fraud, identify in-depth or in-depth information and take appropriate action. More information on the qualifications can be found here.

About Cyble

Cyble is cyberbullying software offered to help companies protect themselves against cybercrime and exposure to unwanted websites. The goal is to give organizations a sense of security during their technological turmoil. Supported by Y Combinator as part of the Winter 2021 Team, Cyble was also named by Forbes as one of the top twenty cybersecurity rookies. Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, with offices in Australia, Singapore, and India, Cyble has worldwide operations.

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