Building Trust-and Safeguarding Data in Modern

Building Trust-and Safeguarding Data in Modern Government


The current database is an important part of government and community initiatives to transform the electronic community, improve its performance, and Building trust among all stakeholders.

About data classified by location and age, it has never been more important to see that elected officials can trust their data, which they share at the highest level with a highly secure government.

Join the Technology Building Government on September 8 and at 10 p.m. in the Pacific / 1 across the East for a 30-minute conference on how modern people can help governments build trust with their people and communities.

We are considering issues such as:

  • How can data centers change to support the modern government?
  • What is cloud computing and dependence on other planets, what are the Building new challenges in building trust and data security?
  • Do building and building government trust require safe thinking and safe training in all areas of the organization?
  • Especially!


Liana Bailey-Crimmins

California CTO State

Liana M. Bailey-Crimmins has been appointed Deputy Director and Chief Technology Officer of the CDT Information Technology Agency (EOTech) with more than three decades of family experience.

In his previous election, Bailey-Crimmins has served as California’s Functional Protection Officer for Retirees since 2019, where he led and oversaw a $ 400 million data protection team of approximately 200 million CalPERS members. He also served as Director-General of CalPERS Health from 2017 to 2019 and was an Information Officer from 2013 to 2017. Before joining CalPERS, he became Director of Health Services Technology and CIO and Project Manager at California Prison. California Information Technology Development.

In 2015, Bailey-Crimmins received the “CIO of the Year” award from the California CIO Academy.

Kathy Cruz, editor

The national and local facility, KPMG LLP

Kathy Cruz

Director of National and National Technological Development

Kathy Cruz is KPMG’s Director of Technology Enabling Practice, advising government officials on cyber security policy, risk reduction, and performance improvement in building digital trust. Focus on web-based integration, help customers create cybersecurity programs, and create the environment they need until the cyber situation changes. Kathy helps consumer governments focus on developing cyber security for their organizations, supporting business plans, and serving the public.

With more than 30 years of experience in information technology (IT) and cyber security, he has been superior to two public companies and a five-time information officer (CIO) with experience in all areas. IT and business segments. His record is powerful management advice, a reputation for collaboration and creativity, and the CIO magazine has named it one of the leading CIOs.

Dan Lohrmann – Editor

CEO of the Digital Government Center

Daniel J. Lohrmann is a world-renowned security director, theologian, speaker, and author. From May 2002 to August 2014, he headed the Department of Security and Technology of the State of Michigan, including the Social Security Administration (CSO), the Director of Technology (CTO), and also the Security Information Department (CISO). Throughout his diverse career, he has held a variety of positions in the public and private sectors, which may include senior executives, including White House consultants, the National Governors Association (NGA), and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). During his lifetime, he has received several international awards, including Civil Society Organization of the Year, Social Media Officer of the Year, and IT President of Computerworld 100.

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