Democrats take the lead in early voting in Virginia governor’s race, but GOP could close the gap on election

Democrats take the lead in early voting in Virginia governor’s race, but GOP could close the gap on election day

Democrats are at the forefront of the race for Virginia’s presidency between former Democratic governor Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin.

But the Republic could close that gap on Election Day within a week.

As many as 667,012 Virginia have set the stage for November. 2, according to current data from Democratic data company TargetSmart. It has more than tripled the number of voters for the first time in 2017.

Fifty-five voters now appear to be Democrats, and 30 percent appear to be Republicans, according to TargetSmart. Voters have not registered with the Virginia party but TargetSmart predicts this trend based on information from previous elections.

While early election reports may indicate that Democrats are on a stable path to victory, Republicans could be caught on Election Day in the race.

“Republicans are more likely to vote on Election Day than Democrats,” said Stephen Farnsworth, a professor of political science at Mary Washington University in Virginia. “Every sign we see is a picture of the governor of Virginia.”

All the contestants are looking for a quick fix amid the recent elections that show the state of affairs. A study conducted Tuesday by USA TODAY by the University of Suffolk, for example, shows that everyone receives the same 45% support.

McAuliffe and Youngkin are Saturday to pick up the ballot papers.

Most Virginia Republicans are not surprised after the 2020 presidential election. Former President Donald Trump is notorious for his criticism of last year’s postal elections and said there are numerous lies with fraud election and success among Republicans.

Since leaving Mr. Trump, Youngkin has encouraged his supporters to make early choices.

Former Carlyle Party leader marched outside the polling station, with a ten-day tour to encourage early voting, using text messaging and knocking on doors, to see supporters who know how to vote quickly.

“Youngkin never made the mistakes of former President Trump, who disappointed his supporters in the first and last elections in 2020,” Farnsworth said. “Youngkin encouraged early voting at every opportunity.”

While these efforts may not work, it seems that the Republic’s strong interest in voting in the race is leading to a decline in the first vote.

According to a study opened by Monmouth University last week, Youngkin supporters could vote in 23 percent of the upcoming election.

This enthusiastic campaign could also end on McAuliffe’s election day and mark the beginning of the start of the Democratic Alliance.

Democracy among Democrats is exacerbated by the collapse of President Joe Biden’s election, and the inability to overturn his economic plan before he runs in last month’s election. went.

McAuliffe described Biden’s low crisis at the time, saying he should “invest” because the president is “neutral” in Virginia.

But McAuliffe stayed with Biden on Tuesday when the president’s speech became a public complaint to Youngkin and later, Mr. Trump.

Karen Hult, a professor of political science at Virginia Tech, says getting involved and gathering is still an obstacle facing Democrats on Election Day.

“Strengthening their principles remains a challenge for Democrats. What Democrats want to do is increase their participation and get people to go to the polls,” Hult said.

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