Government launches consultation on national Cyber-Physical Infrastructure

Government launches consultation on national Cyber-Physical Infrastructure

The consultation seeks views on the opportunities, challenges, and key areas of activity to bring together connected digital and physical technologies to unleash innovation.

The government has begun consulting on the Cyber-Physical Infrastructure, an expanding ecosystem linked to digital and physical systems that have the potential to help accelerate development and preserve Britain’s image as a global development and scientifically important power.

Advanced cyber-body systems that live in the digital and physical world are increasingly a part of our daily lives and economy.

The tools range from independent farming models and interactive robots to working with factory workers, reducing congestion on our city streets, and planning responses to weather events, especially to our key buildings.

This consultation examines the opportunities and challenges posed by the integrated use of these systems, and how the ecosystems of this technology can help British manufacturers reduce costs and risk prototyping, testing, design, and implementation more quickly.

Through these consultations, the government seeks challenges and understandings from industry stakeholders, academics, organizations, as well as the general public.

The Minister of Science, George Freeman, stated:

The UK is emerging in recent years with an increasingly stable and stable economic climate – putting science, research, and expertise at the heart of our post-Brexit vision for the global work of the UK.

In addition, advanced and integrated digital and physical technology provides us with new tools to help us better predict and respond to future global problems; lead British leadership in science and research, and better marketing skills.

This consultation is an important step towards seeing these British benefits, and I look forward to receiving leadership challenges and information from the community.

The consultation was announced in partnership with more than 100 organizations so far supported by Digital Catapult and is based on the recently published Robotic Growth Partnership Vision of Cyber-Physical Infrastructure.

The world’s capabilities in Cyber-Physical Infrastructure would build and implement some other global strategies including National Data Strategy, National Cyber   Strategy 2022, AI Strategy, Innovation Strategy, and Ten Point Plan for the Green Industrial Revolution.

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