Romanian Government to Lift COVID Restrictions from March 9

Romanian Government to Lift COVID Restrictions from March 9

BUCHAREST – Romanian Government will lift all COVID bans on Wednesday, including the need for a digital passport to access schools and the obligation to wear protective masks inside and out, Health Minister Alexandru Rafila said on Tuesday.

The decision was made due to the coalition government’s refusal to extend the war zone two years after the plague that hit Romania.

The country is the second most vaccinated country in the European Union, with just under 42% of the population living in the midst of mistrust of government and poor prevention education. The epidemic has killed 67 million people in the EU and 20 million in the EU.

The number of new coronavirus infections in the Romanian Government on Tuesday was 5,461, far from a record 40 in early February.

Other restrictions that will be lifted include home arrival times, restaurant restrictions, theater and event restrictions, and mandatory passenger modes of transportation. The government is no longer forced to deliver good news, Rafila said, adding that it is only encouraging.

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