The UK Supreme Court allows Nirav Mod to sue for depression and suicide

The UK Supreme Court allows Nirav Mod to sue for depression and suicide risk

The judge also said that the arguments were resolved for both reasons, as they all depended on Nirav Mod.

(On Monday, the London High Court allowed diamond trader Nirav Mod to file an appeal with an Indian court, in memory, and for human reasons, against a court representing extradition to India accusing theft and money laundering.

Judge Martin Chamberlain extended his decision under the Covid-19 rules, ending disputes raised by the 50-year-old diamond dealer’s legal team over his “severe pain” and “serious suicide risk” in many attempts.

He also said the dispute was also affected by the validity of the means to prevent “successful suicide attempts” at Mumbai Arthur Road Prison, where Nirav Modi was detained during his deportation.

“At present, the question for me is very simple whether the appeal is contradictory for these reasons. In my view, b. I authorize appeals to States 3 and 4,” Chamberlain decided.

Countries 3 and 4 relate to Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) or the right to life, liberty, and security, and Article 91 of the 2003 UK Criminal Law Act concerns the right to stand a candidate.

Mallya / Nirav Modi theft case: recent $ 1,850 bailout finds 58% of banks lost

Causes of mental health

The judge also said that the arguments had reached this point for both reasons, as they were all based on the applicant, the mentally ill Nirav Mod.

“I do not specify the reason for the argument, although it seems to me that it was certainly considered whether the judge erred in his statement because the evidence is in the depth of the complaint. Unfortunately, [Nirav Mod’s] high suicide risk and precision.

In all other cases, there is no leave to appeal and the case continues on a case-by-case basis in the London Supreme Court on grounds 3 and 4.

GNI false accusations

Wands worth Prison in southwest London is holding a diamond trader wanted in India to be charged with theft and money laundering for allegedly $ 2 billion from the Central Bank of Punjab (PNB).

Nirav Modi refers to two criminal cases and the CBI case deals with serious thefts in PNB by obtaining fraudulent declarations of intent or fraudulent plans. Money from this sale.

In the CBI case, he was charged with two more charges of “loss of evidence” and intimidation of witnesses or “threat of murder”.

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