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UiPath, Public Sector Automation Leader, Announces Establishment of Public Sector Advisory Board to Address Growing Customer Needs

UiPath, Inc. (NYSE: PATH), head of the software industry, today announced the formation of a Public Sector Council. The board of directors made up of formerly state-owned companies, economists, and educators, provides UiPath with external information from all sides of government, the economic government. A country with new creative opportunities to help government officials accept their responsibilities.

UiPath has submitted its integration plan to more than half of U.S. countries and ninety -six U.S. government agencies and the demand for satisfaction is growing. The U.S. government plans to spend $ 65 million on digital projects over the next eight years, and in a recent NASCIO survey, 77% of government informants said they were interested in independent programs driven by the need to improve service delivery in the region. The State Advisory Committee’s understanding of the challenges facing government agencies, their elected missionaries, and policies and priorities explains how UiPath will continue to enter the market. . .

Management Board members meet regularly and work for almost a year.

• Anish Chopra – Dating U.S. CTO (2009-2012), Former Virginia Community Technology Secretary (2006-2009), Director and Author of Care Journey

• Tyler Cowen – Professor and Professor at George Mason University

• Suzette Kent – Former Head of Federal Government CIO and Kent Advisory Services

• Gopal Khanna, Vice President, Office of Health and Advanced Research, former CIO, State of Minnesota and Managing Director of the University of Minnesota Institute of Medical Industry.

• Matt Lira – Special Assistant to the Director of Design and Innovation, U.S. White House Innovation Bureau

• Shelley Metzenbaum, a former Deputy Director of Labor and Government at the White House Administration and Budget Office, launched federal court Performance.gov to enforce state laws.

• John SunGard, former CIO, Department of Homeland Security, former Do-CIO, DON-CIO, and former president, and president of Redhorse Corporation.

“Feedback from this trusted team of educators is invaluable to UiPath to meet the special needs of the larger department and the staff and people on the street,” said Chris Townsend, deputy director of public relations and UiPath. “The members of our community advisory committee bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that will help us build stronger and more satisfying relationships with development solutions over time. The government is rapidly moving towards changing mathematics to improve its operation and functioning. “

About UiPath

UiPath has the vision to provide free commerce that companies use to quickly improve their capabilities. UiPath offers a state-of-the-art automated platform, an integrated automated solution (RPA), and a comprehensive expert platform that enables any organization to accelerate business processes.

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