UK’s new simplified travel system takes off from

UK’s new simplified travel system takes off from today

From the 4th to the present day (Monday, 4 May 2021), the new British travel system will mark red or global countries and territories.

This simple travel system guide also means a full and appropriate return of people under the age of 18 from more than 50 countries and territories, rather than a red list of what can be done without completing the survey. An 8-day exam or entry into a ten-day independent period suitable for visitors – be it meeting friends and family or a business trip.

As announced last month, the new law also stipulates that by the end of October, passengers will be fully qualified to obtain a work permit and authentic letters from the state, and red card users will be able to replace their checks. From 2 days cheaper test. later. , reduced the costs of the interrogation after arriving in England. The government hopes to set it aside when people return from vacation.

Each educated person is asked to isolate and perform free PCR tests, at no extra charge, which is distributed to identify the new type.

Immigration Secretary Grant Shapps said:

We are moving quickly into the future, as safe travel continues to open and remains open, and today the changing law is good news for families, businesses, and the transport sector.

Maintaining public health is still a priority, but with more than eight out of ten already vaccinated, we can take steps to reduce testing costs and help the team recover.

To date, people under the age of 18 should not be given more than 50 negative PDTs with a known immunization status in the UK before moving to England. It works regardless of their protection.

All under-11s, regardless of background, have already passed pre-trial tests in the UK. If children aged 11 or over do not leave one of the 50 states, as well as the countries and vaccinated countries, they must follow the same rules for non-traveling visitors.

As of today, we are expanding our security policy to 18 more countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Japan, and Canada. Preventive drugs are available from Pfizer BioNTech, Oxford AstraZeneca (including Covidshield), Modern, and Janssen (J&J).

It is based on the best driving experiences in the UK and the US and the US and brings the international average to over 50, adding more countries and territories in the coming weeks.

Eligible persons must have a document from the national or national public health regulatory authority containing other information, including name, date of birth, and vaccination, as described in the GOV.UK guidelines.

The government has committed to enacting a vaccine testing law for countries and territories based on the success of U.S. and European drivers.

Those who have been adequately vaccinated in other travel system countries before the next law, as well as other vaccinated groups, should continue the first test, the PCR test on the second day and eight days after arrival, and leave for 10 days with the possibility of resigning after five days.

The UK Government will continue to work with the travel system international community as we seek to expand our base to other countries and regions.

All participants must complete a travel form before visiting. Visitors should continue to look at GOV.UK’s immigration resources, including those of the Center for Foreign Affairs, the Commonwealth, and travel system Development (FCDO), to pass on during and after the trip to find out entry and travel system assessment needs and requirements during the current COVID-19. and non-COVID-19 rules of the country visited. Passers-by must also check the status of the deposit before finding a location.

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