Court documents: Mazars, Donald Trump's accounting firm, cuts ties to Trump Organization

Court documents: Mazars, Donald Trump’s accounting firm, cuts ties to Trump Organization

WASHINGTON – According to court documents, Donald Trump’s company has been investigating the former president of New York for a long time, ending his relationship with his family business.

New York Attorney General Letitia James told the court on Monday that Mazars also said the Trump Organization’s 10-year financial statements “should not be trusted”.

James and the Manhattan County Attorney’s Office are investigating whether Mr. Trump’s company has misappropriated or misappropriated credit card debt or reduced its tax bill.

The accounting firm’s February 9 letter was released as a way for the New York Attorney General to interview the former president, their son Donald Trump Jr. with his daughter Ivanka Trump in a government interview about the family business jobs.

Mr. Trump has denied his guilt and accused investigators of political crimes.

In a written statement, the Trump administration said it was “disappointed that Mazars had decided to split up” but said the company had not declared “inconsistencies” in its comprehensive financial statements.

The letter “confirms that, following a thorough financial review, Mazars’ work has been conducted by all applicable accounting practices and policies and the financial statements are no different,” the Trump Organization said. “This seal provides for research on the discussion between DA and AG.”

Mazars announced that Trump’s administration is severing ties by ordering the company to remove information from the 2011-2020 financial documents.

Mr. Mazars wrote to Alump Garten, a lawyer for Trump’s organization, that the company’s claims about its financial position “should not be trusted and you should inform all contractors.”

The decision was based in part on “our investigation,” but also on that of the New York authorities, Mazar said.

The financial statements are likely to be relevant to the investigation into the activities of the Trump Organization, headed by the Attorney General of New York and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

Last month, state analysts revealed they had “gathered more evidence that the Trump administration used fraud or price-fixing to gain more economic benefits, including debt, insurance coverage, and tax fraud.”

The Attorney General’s investigation into Trump’s anti-trade evidence last month provided strong evidence of legal threats against the former president and his business.

Government investigations and criminal investigations similar to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office are two courts involving the previous president.

James’ office worked with the Manhattan District Attorney to investigate whether there is evidence that Mr. Trump, his business organization, and members of his family have broken the law by overestimating or underestimating the value of separate buildings to obtain credit and lower taxes. , and more money this is good.

According to documents released last month, investigators revealed that they “received documents and evidence from several witnesses involved in the preparation and dissemination of lost and abandoned testimony.”

Analysts found that Trump’s legitimacy was financed “broadly and in a way that was often inaccurate or misleading compared to the information and documents provided by Trump’s organization to its account company,” the court said.

Trump is under investigation in Atlanta to force Georgian election officials to reverse the country’s losses to run for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

Fulton County Attorney Fani Willis told the U.S. earlier this month that at least 100 witnesses had appeared in the investigation.

Congress will also review Mr. Trump’s actions during the uprising against the US government on January 6, 2021. Capitol.

At a meeting in Texas at the end of January, Trump objected to any investigation: “They’ve been watching my business for years.

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