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Judge rejects Trump bid to block records from House probe of Jan. 6 Capitol riot

A judge on Tuesday rejected an attempt by former President Donald Trump to deny two-member parliamentary committee access to White House documents as part of an investigation into the attack. Capitol risks.

Judge Tanya Chutkan stated in the verdict that “Trump will not obtain his accusation and will not suffer irreparable harm” and “the same action. And the public interest in” appealing “by accepting his application.

Mr. Trump sued the Judge US Supreme Court. D.C. Ahel.

President Bennie Thompson, the Miss, praised Chutkan’s move, saying it “emphasizes the role of the Electoral Commission in finding a Judge solution for the American people, advocates for changes to the law to strengthen our democracy, and help strengthen everything …”

Chutkan’s order came less than a day after the judge rejected Trump’s attorney general’s urgent request to prevent the National Archives from publishing congressional investigation documents in connection with the January attacks.

Mr. Trump was accused in mid-October of violating a request from the US Selected Committee for Judge Documentation to provide information about Mr. Trump’s documents. Trump’s lawyer, Jesse Binnall, told a Washington court that most documents are searched by private organizations, which allows independent authorities to maintain confidentiality.

The lawsuit was filed after President Joe Biden refused to comply with the protection measures proposed by Trump.

According to Chutkan, he agreed with the commission on Judge Tuesday night that the status of the current president is better than the first due to disputes.

“At least it’s a dispute between the former president,” Chutkan wrote in a 39-page commentary.

Trump’s views “seem to be based on the idea that his government is completely permanent,” Chutkan wrote. But leaders are not kings and opponents are not leaders.

“Therefore, the court affirms that the appellant’s appeal is better than President Biden’s decision not to exercise that option,” Chutkan wrote. Administrative work.

Binnall accused members of the special commission of “intimidating” the former president with a “system of fishing and illegal fishing.” President Joe Biden has also been criticized for denying rights. friends”.

The task of the selection committee is to review all of Jan’s plans and goals. 6, when hundreds of Trump supporters closed the Capitol and forced the assembly to flee.

As part of the investigation, the commission asked the National Archives to distribute several White House articles, including references to plans to change Biden’s electoral college results.

Chutkan said that although there are many record requests, this is not too much for the Commission.

The House of Representatives also demanded evidence of the expansion of Trump’s list of close friends. Last month, the House of Representatives voted that Steve Bannon, a former Trump adviser, would not hate Congress and refuse to comply with the committee’s call.

On Monday, the committee issued six additional statements to Trump’s allies, including former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, former Security Adviser Jason Miller, and attorney John Eastman.

The next day, the same group filed ten additional applications for the Trump agreements, including former White House secretary Kayleigh McEnany, a former adviser to Stephen Miller, and former vice president and director John McEntee.

On Monday night, Binnall made an urgent request in Chutkan to pass a law banning the National Archives from filing a lawsuit. Secretary David Ferriero is ready to hand over the paper to the commission appointed on Friday, Binnall said.

The lawyer told Chutkan that if he decided not to reject the committee’s request, Mr. Trump would act immediately. In that case, Binnall argued that Chutkan should have issued an emergency order while he waited for the appeal to give the appellate court time to consider.

The lawyer who watched the Veterans Day holiday on Thursday told Chutkan that if he did not pay the tax by Wednesday, Mr. Trump would explain the “Resistance to Temptation” silence and write to the DC Circle.

“If assistance is refused, the National Archives and Records Administration will release the documents before the formal investigation and before President Trump conducts a full trial,” Binnall wrote in an urgent statement.

Chutkan rejected the request because of allegations between midnight and Tuesday, saying there was “time” without a hearing or final decision.

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