Noblis Launches RunGrants™ to Help Federal Agencies Modernize the Grants Management

Noblis Launches RunGrants™ to Help Federal Agencies Modernize the Grants Management Lifecycle

Noblis, Inc., a leading provider of science, technology, and economic services, recently announced the launch of its RunGrants ™ solution, which quickly manages the finances. The Cloud-based Grant solution outlines the exact information for the development process and can be customized to suit the designated office and required missionaries. RunGrants is the third platform developed in Noblis’ RunGrants Run solution suite to help government agencies and consumers use automated and analytics to improve performance, speed, and streamline decision-making and public access.

For more than a decade, Noblis has been supporting the federal health fundraiser. With RunGrants, this capability translates to cloud-based solutions:

  • Automatic – Allows speed and coordination reducing the need for emergency care in a highly secure manner.
  • System-Based – organizes data for better communication and supports current goals.
  • Adaptable – A low-volume platform makes it easy to organize channels, reports, and operations to fit the designated area of each office.
  • Information-Motivational – Provide managers and managers with a deeper understanding of all aspects of finance for better understanding and decision-making.
  • Work-Based Process-Plan-as-Service means saving money, often adapting and upgrading to meet changing needs, and simplifying access methods.

About running with the Noblis Solutions Suite

The Run and Noblis tool responds to the changing needs of government officials in running, operating, and measurement of the number of response solutions for building enlightenment, project management, operations, and multi-project management. Learn more at

About Noblis

Noblis science, technology, and planning power came together to build high-quality solutions and solutions to help society. We bring the best of thinking, management, and engineering skills together in the realm of autonomy and ethics to have an impact that undermines the functioning of government. Noblis works with a wide range of consumer systems in security, national security, intelligence, law enforcement, and government agencies. Together with our companies, we face the toughest challenges of the world and integrate solutions into our most difficult patient tasks.

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