The U.S. to sanction over 300 Russian elites and block Russian central bank gold

The U.S. to sanction over 300 Russian elites and block Russian central bank gold

The United States plans to expel about 400 Russian citizens and organizations, including more than 300 Duma legislators, lower-ranking members of the Russian parliament, and Russian officials, Biden said in a statement to China.

With Russia’s ruthless attack and escalating violence in Ukraine approaching its second month in China, the G-7 and the European Union are also announcing new measures to quell Russia’s attempts to evade current sanctions, including central bank sanctions.

The EU and the G-7 are also informing international organizations that they are no longer involved in “normal trade” in Russia, the official who asked not to identify himself said published.

“Our goal here is to cleverly eliminate the advantages and privileges that Russia once enjoyed while participating in the country’s economic development,” the official said.

President Joe Biden will announce the move at NATO’s summit on Thursday, the first of three keynote speeches in Brussels.

Biden also announces new US efforts to help the Ukrainian people, a White House official said.

Their leader, the US, “is preparing to provide more than $ 1 billion in aid to those affected by the Russian war in Ukraine and its global impact,” the official said, without specifying how or when would be used.

Biden also announces a new financial commitment to help ensure global food security, which Russia’s entry has wreaked into chaos as Moscow and Kiev are some of the world’s largest exporters of grain.

Through the government’s U.S. Feed the Future program, the Biden administration will provide $ 11 billion over the next five years to address food insecurity and prevent food insecurity, the official said.

Most of Ukraine’s grain exports now go to Africa and Asia, and US currency is being sent to many countries where people are particularly worried about rising food prices.

In addition, Biden announces the launch of the European Initiative for Democratic Resistance with a total of $ 320 million in new funding to promote human rights and democracy in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

EDRI integrates part of the story to fight misinformation, protect defenders and vulnerable groups and raise money to fight corruption and kleptocracy, “strengthen democracy and anti-corruption institutions and regional law, and prosecute human rights abuses and international violations,” the White House Fact Sheet according to.

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