Vice President Kamala Harris tests positive for Covid, is not exhibiting symptoms

Vice President Kamala Harris tests positive for Covid, is not exhibiting symptoms

Vice President Kamala Harris was diagnosed with Covid-19 on Tuesday, his office said, noting that he had no symptoms and disagreed with the president or his first wife.

Kamala Harris, 57, “separates and continues to work from the vice president’s apartment,” his journalist Kirsten Allen said in a statement.

Harris is a senior White House official with a Covid. President Joe Biden has so far prevented the virus from spreading, although he has approached several government officials tested.

Allen said Harris is not considered a friend of Biden or his first wife, Jill Biden, “because of their travel plans.”

The vice president, the first in a series of presidential protests, was completely attacked by Covid and received a second boost earlier this month.

Harris tested Covid with rapid and PCR tests, his office said, adding that if he did not, he would return to the White House.

The vice president’s overview comes from the increase in Covid cases in the United States in recent weeks, which in some places appears to be driven by the new omicron sub-variable BA.2. The rising tide, although still under the influence of the virus during the winter months, has prompted some officials to reserve other forms of communication in the area.

Early Tuesday morning, Democratic Sens. Chris Murphy of Connecticut and Ron Wyden of Oregon say they have tested Covid and have mild symptoms.

These election results raised the question of whether the Senate Democrats have enough votes to show the other candidates they intended to consider this week.

The Senate is split between 50 Republicans and Democrats, giving Harris a no-confidence vote. He has held this power 17 times, more than any other vice president since the time of Schuyler Colfax of the Ulysses S. Grant regime, which ended in 1873.

A Democratic Senate candidate said the vote on Lisa Cook’s candidacy for the Federal Reserve Council should fail on Tuesday due to Covid polls. The chamber is also postponing Alvaro Bedoya’s thinking as a member of the Federal Trade Commission, the assistant said.

The Senate will appoint Laiden Brainard, Biden’s successor, as chairman of the Fed on Tuesday after several Republicans backed him on Monday.

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