White House Launches Website for Free Home COVID Tests One Day Ahead of Schedule-government.vision

White House Launches Website for Free Home COVID Tests One Day Ahead of Schedule

Go to COVID Tests.gov and you can quickly order the four exams that are brought to your home from the United States. Postal Service. Only four exams will be held at the same residential address, and there is an announcement on the website for the first time giving the exam at the end of January. “Orders are usually shipped within 7-12 days,” the website says.

According to the Associated Press, White House Secretary Jen Psaki said the start of the announcement was due to a “beta test” and they are still working on a “possible closure” early Wednesday. He added that “a peso or two” could happen, but a team of IT staff is working to make sure the advertising goes smoothly.

The new online distribution center is one of President Joe Biden’s efforts to address the growing shortage of test boxes and long queues at test sites, due to the rapid delivery of Omicron. Biden once claimed he ordered $ 500 million for free testing, but increased that to $ 1 billion last week.

The end of January for the release date of COVID Tests.gov is likely to come as market issues begin to be resolved in factories and other locations around the world, so the federal government has confirmed the website that there is only one option for Americans to take home exams.

As of Saturday, the new rules require independent insurers to pay up to eight COVID Test exams at home each month, reimbursing registrants for an exam purchased online or at a pharmacy.

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