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Will there be presidential debates in 2024? Republican cast doubt on the prospect

WASHINGTON – The Republican Party has taken a step closer to China to end the presidential election debate by the end of 2024, voting in favor of quitting in 1987 based on such controversy.

“The presidential negotiating committee is unilateral and has refused to make simple and ordinary changes that would contribute to a better debate,” said Ronna McDaniel, chairman of the National Republican Committee.

This move confirms the resilience of former President Donald Trump and the ongoing restructuring of the GOP with his complaints about the conflicts in 2016 and 2020, which laid the groundwork for the future withdrawal of Republican supporters.

McDaniel and other party members who voted for the commission said they wanted “platforms for free and fair debate.” However, it is not known at the moment what he will do after leaving the post.

The RNC also requires Republicans to speak and write that they have recently entered into disputes designated by the parties.

Republicans respond briefly to Mr. Trump’s complaints against the restoration of microphones and some of their two disputes against President Joe Biden in 2020. COVID epidemic.

And before the 2016 controversy, Mr. Trump said he would like to face Democratic Alliance opponent Hillary Clinton without moderators because they could “cheat” on her campaigns.

McDaniel said the party would continue to impose sanctions on GOP candidates competing in the pre-election. These elections apply only to general elections sponsored by the Presidential Negotiating Commission.

Democrats say Republicans are simply looking for excuses to avoid a presidential debate.

Jaime Harrison, chairman of the National Democratic Committee, said in a statement that “after years of publishing toxic laws at the national level, the RNC has decided it is best to hide its views from the electorate.”

In recent polls, Republicans have said they want the first elections in 2024 to take place before the start of the voting period. They also asked for further comments on the appointment of dissidents, saying they were in favor of Republicans.

The Commission stated that it was set up in 1987 to “ensure that the disputed election dispute between the Office of the President of the United States and the Vice-President becomes a permanent part of the process for the benefit of the American electorate”.

Before the Chinese vote, Republicans tried to prevent companies from donating to the Commission.

When Republicans threatened to withdraw from the program in February, the presidential debate committee said, “2024’s plans are based on order, neutrality, and a strong commitment to helping the American public learn about competitors and challenges.”

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