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With the honeymoon phase left behind, Biden’s approval hit a new low.

Only Trump has a lower approval rate than Biden at comparable times during his presidency, according to a new poll that shows the president’s approval rating has hit a new low of 43%.

President Joe Biden’s approval rating has hit a new low of 43%, and those who disapprove of the president’s performance are now bigger than them, according to a new poll.

The Gallup poll, which ran Sept. 1–17, comes after Biden’s departure from Afghanistan, which Americans generally supported, the report said. But the “chaotic and deadly way it was carried out” played a role in Biden’s falling approval. The Delta variant has now exploded in the US and the debate about the vaccine’s mandate has gained new urgency.

The poll was the first in a Biden presidential poll that the president has a higher percentage of negative than positive views of him – in other words, the president is “underwater”.

The drop in Biden’s work permits is the second significant drop since June, according to Gallup, after the president’s first “honeymoon” rating dropped from 55% to 50% in July as the number of COVID-19 cases increased. In August, Biden’s rating was 49%.

According to the Gallup poll, every president outside of Donald Trump had a honeymoon with above-average approval ratings at the start of their term in office. Where he is now, at 43% eight months after his presidency, Biden’s approval rating is comparable to that of Trump and Bill Clinton at a similar point in time during their respective presidents. But according to the poll, Clinton’s approval rating began to rise around that time in 1993, making Trump the only president since World War II to have a lower approval rating than Biden at a similar time during his presidency.

Approval for Biden’s performance is still high among the Democrats at 90 percent, compared to 98 percent when he took office. Republican support for Biden also remained relatively stable at 6% that month, up from 12% in February. According to the survey, independents showed the greatest bias, with Biden’s support currently at 37%, at 61%, with two-thirds of the downward trend seen over the past three months.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ approval is 49% slightly higher than Biden’s, and almost matches Biden’s approval during his tenure as Vice President.

The results come when the Biden administration took to the global stage a week ago after reaching out to leaders over a US-Australian nuclear submarine deal and ongoing disputes over the US. Role in the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the ongoing debate on how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic worldwide. “Biden’s latest approval rating confirms the fact that the honeymoon phase of his presidency is over,” the Gallup report said.

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