Yext Expands Public Sector Efforts with New AI Search Solutions and Team

Yext Expands Public Sector Efforts with New AI Search Solutions and Team Hires

Yext, Inc., an AI Research Company, today announced a list of AI research solutions designed to help government agencies improve and simplify digital information.

Recent laws such as the 21st Century Integrated Digital Knowledge Act (IDEA) require government agencies to improve user experience on their websites. A recent Yext * survey on consumer relations with government agencies online supports the issue for these employers: when submitted by a government agency a better local example – users will seek information or advice from that organization in the future.  Representative (54%), speaks well of the group (42%) and follows group leadership (36%).

Yext’s public sector solutions integrate powerful AI research technology into the company’s COVID-19 databases compiled by the World Health Organization (WHO), US Department of State, and The New Jersey and Alabama at the onset of the disease. . The solution center includes:

• Personal Service Status: In fact, when customer inquiries or concerns related to a government or Government Issue, they will be happy to ask for information (78%) * – and the self-service portal Answers Yext support, they can. This AI-powered control center supports a one-click experience that allows developers to self-employ and answers their service queries directly.

• Example: If people are not able to access the information on their own while browsing the website of a government agency, they often choose other sources that will be more expensive or expensive (48%), * such as telephone or e-mail to office services. department. Tax organizations can provide non-essential support and encourage people to find the information they need on their website through Yext’s Marketing Answers site search solution, which uses advanced native language use. (NLP) to understand and answer group questions and FAQs, instructions. . videos, electronic books, and so on.

• Reputation Management: Evidence is one of the best examples for government agencies to measure progress in improving the experience of their clients. With Yext’s reputation management solution, organizations can improve their online reputation by monitoring, responding, and reviewing sites from one another.

• SEO: Most people (57%) * choose search engineers like Google or Bing when searching for information that will help them understand or solve social or government problems, which is important for organizations. government to ensure that their information is disclosed to other persons. . web sites (and correctly). Yext’s optimized SEO FAQ pages are designed to appear on search engines, allowing organizations to provide information to their customers and answer key questions before they visit their website.

As it expands its public offering, Yext is also building its own corporate marketing team under Laurie “LC” Cook, Vice President of the Public Sector Company. The Cook team includes the following new employees:

• Geoffrey Glaser is the Director-General of Federal, State & Local & Education (SLED), and Health

• Vernon Aldershoff is the Director-General of Public Procurement

• Christina Day is the Director of Public Procurement

• David Hernandez is the federal sales manager

About Yext

Yext is an AI Research Company and aims to transform AI development and research.

With the advent of information and knowledge on the internet, research has never been more important. However, although the world of marketing research has changed over time, there is no business research. Most search engines are driven by the old-fashioned keyword search technology that only searches for keywords and provides a list of links instead of answering queries.

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