FACTSHEET: UK support to resettle Afghan nationals - ARAP scheme-government.vision

FACTSHEET: UK support to resettle Afghan nationals – ARAP scheme

The British government has a recall program that supports Africa’s efforts in Afghanistan

  • The UK government launched a reform program for workers in Afghanistan earlier this year.
  • Afghanistan’s Development and Aid Policy (ARAP) was published in April 2021. Legally, domestic or domestic workers are considered employed due to poor living conditions, which is a major factor in the UK position or function or adulthood.

ARAP program information

  • This plan was prepared by the Ministry of Housing and Security.
  • This program is for domestic workers who have worked in situations where their names may be disclosed and put at risk of having their employment returned to the UK Government after moving to the UK at their request.
  • All program articles are published on GoV.UK.

What should they do with the plan before proceeding?

  • APAP correspondents must wait for notification at the Afghanistan Crisis and Risk Analysis Center to complete the steps and information available on GoV.UK.
  • We have removed the need for applications in Afghanistan so that those who can land safely can do so without changing their right to reside in the United Kingdom.
  • We are working with our partners around the world to create a way for ARAP applicants to work in the UK with their families.

Why are you doing a security check?

  • The Government has a duty to protect the security of the United Kingdom and its citizens and to disclose any criminal activity in the United Kingdom or the United Kingdom. our security community.
  • All requests for security measures are made to government agencies with similar policies, including the police.

What kind of vacation do people find?

  • Those who come to the UK through the APAP get a permanent home.
  • People who have moved to the UK under the AAP can apply for a holiday move free of charge.

Why do some people ban this program?

  • The outcome of the requests and the reasons for the refusal were sufficient to strike a balance between compassion and security.
  • The UK government continues to suspend layoffs for fear of British crime, including sex and violence, theft, and drug addiction.
  • All dismissed candidates have been screened and rejected due to minor errors and are eligible to join the return process.
  • The UK Government will continue to investigate cases uncovered in new areas but will focus on removing those who have been separated and those who have been dismissed for minor reasons.

Is it important for them to get help from this program and for their family members to get to the UK?

  • Yes, all those coming from Afghanistan must travel following current government requirements. Our reporting system is designed to operate as part of the COVID-19 virus infection prevention system.

Have you taken steps to make sure people are confident in the support they need when it arrives?

  • Work is being done around the world to ensure that the Afghans who support us in the war, their families, and their departures suffer the most as their lives in the UK are rebuilt.
  • Operation Warm Welcome is led by the new Afghan Minister, Victoria Atkins.
  • The support is in line with Syria’s resettlement program commitment to ensure that those who have worked with the British and British governments in Afghanistan and risked their lives do so to receive quality health care, education, and employment. and housing must be fully integrated into the community.
  • This includes building a central trade through which individuals, organizations, and businesses can register their support or offerings, job opportunities, and technical information that allows them to integrate and interact with them. or accessories, laptops, receipts, clothing, and toys.
  • English lessons are available free of charge, indicating that many Afghans and translators need them.
  • The Board also announced the amount to be paid to each unit.

Options and support

Afghanistan Resettlement Plan (ACRS)

  • The AACRS government is expected to send 20,000 Afghans over time, of which 5,000 will be sent in the first year of the program.


  • We also protect thousands of Africans, including workers working in Afghanistan. The test number can be found here.

Tourism-based travel system

  • The UK has embraced the people of Africa by developing skills to work and learn in the UK. Information on how many people have posted through these channels can be found here.
  • Visitors can apply for a visa from any country. A description of visa application procedures can be found here.

How is ACRS different from APAP?

  • ACRS need protection and identify them. It was one of the largest housing projects in the UK.
  • The ACRS leads people who have supported Britain’s efforts in Afghanistan to respond to a major Taliban threat, for example, because of their democratic status and human rights or gender.

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