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A contact center on income and benefits supports Enfield residents

Connectivity reduces call waiting times

Civica has partnered with London’s Enfield district to provide a range of income financial services and benefits, business savings, lump sum trials, and general care master plan loans.

Together, Civica and Enfield will enable Civica to leverage their entire professional portfolio to update the mode of operation at an early stage of the dialogue by setting up mobile phones and profiles.

Because these calls were carried to the Enfield General Communication Center, where long waiting times and staff training were difficult in one place.

Combining fundraising training, with the renewal of telephone services, the Enfield council increased tax collection in 2019 to 98% to nearly 1.2 million.

During the back office operation, new staff was tasked with answering telephone questions from Enfield residents. From the inception of the loan, the Group has been involved in extensive income tax collection, changes in conditions, deductions and amendments, and audit matters. And again, Civica communicates with all types of homeowners, including qualification issues, ID cards, appeals, and promotions.

Ideas for improving services and payments

Since the partnership began, the Council has sought to better understand the reasons why income online customers improve service. Any audit will be approved by representatives and reported to Enfield every month and will be discussed during the job review. This understanding is essential in identifying ineffective practices, such as communication and communication problems, and in improving council services. Civica also supports the development of a government area based on citizen feedback.


  • Financial and financial representatives resolve 95% of cases at the beginning of the interview
  • Continuous improvement as a result of understanding the reasons for communication and reducing unnecessary ones
  • Short-term representation of citizens
  • Improving telephone counselors and professional skills, such as listening and feedback.

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