Data management and use: case studies of technologies and

Data management and use: case studies of technologies and governance


These research studies are designed to support the Use and Management System: Government in the 21st Century program, led by the British Academy and Royal Society. The purpose of these studies is to promote thinking and communication with the working group, enabling them to discuss the information that should be passed on to any working group. This document is an updated version of the article submitted to staff.

Research studies on the integration of current conflicts with traditional values and data fraud – and authors of affiliate and ethical groups, described in the main report of this project, were announced from a special board meeting held in July 2016 and future examples of benefits in different situations.

Considering that they are the only ones appointed to the staff, these academic subjects do not represent the views of any school and are not intended to classify or test any of the leadership practices they have been introduced to. Accordingly, they highlight some of the points that led to the work of Customer Activity and management: management in the 21st Century Report.

The subjects of the study were strengthened by conducting research and conducting scientific interviews with researchers. The entire case study was evaluated with specific expertise, as documented in the above-mentioned evidence.

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