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A Work Better, Work Smarter Government

A Future of Unpredictable Change

The COVID-19 pandemic raised demands on government work and services in many new, unexpected, and rapidly changing ways. It quickly became apparent that older enterprise Work Better resource planning (ERP) systems and processes couldn’t keep pace with many Work Better emerging government needs, both technical and operational.

For example, the rapid transition to remote work required more automated business processes so agencies can operate with minimal paper and in-office staff. It’s also important these remote capabilities don’t compromise IT security or data privacy.

In addition, digital tools for constituent self-service and e-commerce transactions became critical to support government operations and service delivery during facility closures. And a consumer-style service experience helped these online tools meet the expectations of residents, businesses, community organizations, and employees.

capabilities for intelligently integrating processes, data, and applications. And unlike legacy systems that were implemented strictly on-premises, a modern ERP offers options for deployment in the cloud or a hybrid environment.

For the IT team and business users, a modern ERP system enables improvements across multiple dimensions. Critical processes can be integrated across the organization, which enables Work Better constituent experiences and free employees to focus on critical tasks. Intelligence is embedded directly into the ERP system, reducing data silos and the need to purchase and integrate separate tools for data analysis.

The work of forecasting and managing project budgets illustrates the value of modern ERP. In a legacy system, project managers and finance staff may not have easy access to the real-time data needed for project monitoring and planning. A modern ERP system not only supports this access but offers analytics tools and recommendations that help staff forecast budget needs and make appropriate reallocations.

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