Government 3.0 in Korea: Fad or fashion?

Government 3.0 in Korea: Fad or fashion?


Korea presents government 3.0 as a new public service model. President Park’s strong commitment to transforming the armed forces through government 3.0 signals a clear, educated, and missionary government. Although the importance of justice in government 3.0 is straightforward, Park officials see it as several obstacles. Host 3.0 offers most of the six images that Web 3.0 guarantees. Government 3.0 is not new. Government definitions 3.0 are similar in capabilities to Web 2.0 in terms of Web 2.0 capabilities. Government 3.0 usually gives results. Government agencies run government system 3.0, and there can be confusion between its components and systems; as a result, skip the points. Disclosure of certain information can place a heavy burden on civil servants to see the veracity of the information disclosed and the security of the data situation is at stake. Government 3.0 as a political voice can deal with political change.


The public has heard the slogan “Government 3.0” since the 2012 Korean presidential election. At his first meeting in March 2013, Korean President Geun-Hye Park announced government 3.0 as a new example of public service. In the case of the country’s state address 3.0, its strong commitment to social development organizations sees a clear, educated, and involved government. The first year of park management faced several expectations and criticisms of the damage caused to government 3.0 vehicles inside and outside the country. Although it has been proven that Kingdom War 3.0 is very fast, it is the main source of criticism – OK, Kingdom 3.0 looks good in Korea, but what is Kingdom 3.0? To clarify the meaning of 3.0, it is true and important to note that government 2.0 is a government development based on the web 2.0 network, integration, and capabilities. Simple Government 2.0 refers to the use of Web 2.0 technology by governments [6,27]. Other government agencies that use Web 2.0 include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. It is easy to find more evidence of the benefits of government 2.0 – ie better public relations, better knowledge and efficiency, and greater social justice. , 10.23]. Given the current trend inspired by government 2.0, it is understandable that government 3.0 should provide the government and the state with the technological know-how for web-based 3.0.

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