Guide to Empowering a Mobile Workforce for State & Local

Guide to Empowering a Mobile Workforce for State & Local Government

For government employees, Mobile work isn’t a place anymore. It’s something they do, wherever and whenever the need arises. To reach decisions, build relationships, manage finances, and drive strategic value—even with today’s tight resources—mobile workers need the freedom to move beyond agency walls without leaving behind the resources they need to be effective. They need to be able to do anything, anywhere, and on whatever device is most convenient—including their own personal devices—from laptops to the latest tablets and smartphones.

In turn, state and local governments must support their entire mobile workforce, from part-time teleworkers to full-time remote and field workers. If governments can succeed in this workplace transformation, they can improve efficiency and lower costs. A study published by Deloitte University Press predicted up to 45 percent improvement in productivity for a group of government caseworkers in Florida who use mobile tools. The same study estimated that if mobile adoption rates in government were to double to 70 percent, the additional value generated (in terms of government output) could exceed $50 billion annually.* And it’s not just about what mobility can do for the government; better employees mean better service to state and local citizens

Not surprisingly, government agencies are moving quickly to adopt mobile strategies. The California Department of Justice now gives officers in the field access to criminal justice information anytime, anywhere, and on any device. The city of High Point, North Carolina, uses desktop virtualization to keep employees productive and responsive anywhere, on any device—even during a disaster. And Orange County Public Libraries in California uses desktop virtualization to reduce capital expenses, administrative costs, and security risks.

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