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White House earmarks new money for AI and quantum computing

Current technology is expected to be an important part of national security, with some worried that the US will support China in its development.

The White House bureau announced Monday plans to raise funds for intelligence and joint fundraising, two key practices security officials want to significantly increase national security.

The grants, part of Trump’s $ 4.8 billion budget, control a large portion of AI revenue. White House Research at the Ministry of Defense and National Research Foundation. The administration also wants to spend $ 25 on Internet traffic using a network of devices designed to make it difficult to block Internet access.

For years, scientists have been pushing the White House Trump administration to make research intelligent – which can damage many things like weapons and vehicles – and in many cases as a new way to produce computers. The Chinese government has taken the lead in building these facilities, and some security experts are concerned that America is pulling.

The final budget for the first administration was recorded. In 2018, President Trump signed a bill allocating $ 1.2 billion for full control. The Department of Energy recently began allocating a portion of its revenue – nearly $ 625 – to trade, education, and government laboratories.

“The reports we send out have increased the amount of scientific information over the last three years by nearly five to five years,” said Paul Dabber, assistant secretary of the Department of Energy. Communication.

Last year, Mr. President Trump urged A.I. to find and promote something important in the world.

The new budget document increases information generation funding for the Center for Advanced Research Projects in the Department of Defense Research from $ 299 to $ 50 and the National Research Fund from $ 500 million to $ 800 million. Leaders who voted twice for A.I. and several external Department of Defense investigations in 2022.

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