Government must overturn corporate tax cuts: Abhijit

Government must overturn corporate tax cuts: Abhijit Banerjee

The government should consider resolving the established tax and expanding the MDC KISAN program to non-farmers shortly.

Dr. said. Banerjee, who along with Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer received the Sveriges Riksbank’s 2019 Economic Prize from the monuments of Alfred, often called the Nobel Laureate in Economics, writes his book and dr. Duflo’s great treasure of difficult times.

“I can’t cancel my tax debt,” Drs. Banerjee said. “This person may be very expensive, but you have to consider that because the record is hard and I think it’s better to use that money to support the KISAN president’s money and win the NREGA award. The only thing that gets of money from those who spend a lot of money. “

He said farmers are living longer and the reason they are not investing is more because there is no greater demand for the economy. Certainly not money companies.

Said the doctor. In Banerjee, India needs to talk more about the high TSP tax, as you cannot raise the national income tax on GDP by using the tax rate. And again, this efficient tax collection needs to be considered in KISAN’s complete public information system, he said.

The government has to face the fact that the minimum price support system (MSP) takes care of labor needs and relies on the entire Prime Minister KISAN, which supports farmers in reducing labor costs. In the absence of this staff, Dr. Banerjee explained.

“In the case of Government Prime Minister KISAN, when it comes to not using funds to support farmers,” he said the plan is an example of a “good economy”. “I don’t think there’s any reason why homeless workers should take this opportunity. Especially if you think it replaces support costs.”

Your Business Book Hard Times is a great article. Do you think the worst economy in India and elsewhere are currently in crisis?

I’m not sure if the information is confusing. You see the news on GDP, India is doing well. If you look at other discs, they don’t look good. According to the NSS, growth has slowed since 2014-2015, preferably in terms of personal income. I think India could be a difficult time.

We have a great kingdom with a clear foundation. Do you think this is the cause of our relationship?

Our public opinion is under intense pressure. And there it was for a moment. It seems to me that when we talk about the difficult times in this book, we mean that the Great Recession was bringing about a change in society. This is the title of the book.

What are the three main extreme economic tips that India gives to important people?

That’s when we think we’ve fallen, I think. I think it’s harder now because the business tax has been reduced. I will not deduct the Tax Code. This version may seem expensive, but it needs to be considered, as this drive is heavy and I think the money is best used to pay Government Prime Minister KISAN and raise interest rates on NREGA. The only things that take money out of them are those who spend a lot of money. The business segment sits a lot of money … it looks cheap and it’s free. It is not an investment because it is not necessary.

In the letter, instead of raising taxes, you argued about reducing them…

And the government has raised taxes. I was very surprised at this budget in biases. But they came back and it was as sad as I think. They have to live on higher taxes.

Even when it comes to non-tax matters, the GST situation is growing on many things, such as low taxes. Do you think they should sit on a high wall?

I think. You can’t make a big difference to government GDP without paying middle-class wages. So I don’t think you can afford to give up a rich tax and tax economy and expect GDP to increase. Government China did it all. Sometimes they break the wall. As the economy grows and inflation rises, so does money. India and China currently have a similar share of GDP in exports, so China has grown significantly. He also said that even the middle class has to pay taxes to get better service.

He spoke to Prime Minister KISAN and said he contributed to NYAY’s memories. These two are also called “economic benefits”?

In the case of Prime Minister KISAN, when combined with not using price support to support farmers. Because price support is an option. This means the government wants to buy tons and tons of seeds and then try. The whole process seems pretty rich, you know, fifty years. We can improve our time and we can have a situation where the government doesn’t buy tons of seeds to support farmers.

NYAY is for the poor, but Prime Minister KISAN is only for farmers. Do you think Prime Minister KISAN should be promoted?

I think. I don’t think there is any reason why homeless workers should take this opportunity. Especially when you thought of seeking financial help. Support costs increase the demand for labor because it is mainly used to grow more wheat, so I am looking for a lot of people to cut wheat. The elimination of certain production incentives reduces the need for staff. We also want to bypass the Prime Minister KISAN or activate NREGA, there are two ways to plant them. Someone else is doing it. However, I think Prime Minister KISAN’s full reliance on non -payment of cleaning fees will affect the interest of the workers.

Support costs will increase and will not increase. One of the government’s measures is to reduce the price of commodities and reduce the cost of launching aid.

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