Biden says Pittsburgh bridge collapse shows how poor infrastructure ‘can threaten lives’

Biden says Pittsburgh bridge collapse shows how poor infrastructure ‘can threaten lives’

President Joe Biden paid an informal visit to the collapsed Pittsburgh Bridge on Friday afternoon during a planned visit to his legal plan – including the Landmark Infrastructure Act he signed last year.

“We now see that if the Pittsburgh bridge is poor, it could be life-threatening,” Mr. Biden said in a speech to Carnegie Mellon University’s 19 factories, a few miles from the collapsed Pittsburgh bridge.

Biden said the Pittsburgh bridge was “considered the worst in the last decade”.

“There are still 3,300 bridges here in Pennsylvania that are as old and worn as that bridge,” he said. “There are 45,000 bridges in poor condition worldwide.”

He added: “This is not allowed.”

Pittsburgh bridge Public Safety confirmed the crash on Twitter at 7 a.m. ET, urging people to block the area located on the Forbes and Braddock streets near Frick Park.

On Friday afternoon, three people were hospitalized with minor injuries. Ten people have been diagnosed or treated for minor injuries, including first aiders, such a city in speaking.

“Your governor and your congressman, your mayor, have been saying for years, ‘We need to do something about this,'” Biden said.

In his remarks, Biden was directly involved in the collapse of the bridge and the failure of former leaders to enact the building law he signed.

The package, approved after years of trying to thwart former President Donald Trump and other leaders to reach a similar agreement, provides $ 550 million for new travel, Broadband, and Things.

“We are rebuilding the bridge, along with thousands of other bridges in Pennsylvania and traveling around the world because it is for our good, for our good, and for the commercialization of the way we do,” Biden said.

Biden said the space to speak today is important to him. The Rust Belt, Pennsylvania, has worked hard to adapt its staff and economy to meet the needs of the industrialized world.

Pittsburgh is at the heart of this global revolution, and over the past decade, it has attracted some technology and biomedical companies to open up that focus.

But government buildings did not stay within their objectives. The U.S. According to News & World Report, by 2021, Pennsylvania buildings will be the seventh-largest building in the world.

“About three years ago, I started my presidential campaign here in Pittsburgh – the first major stop. I said I would run back to America,” Biden said.

“Now, after my first year, I want to return to Pittsburgh – this is the third time here – to explore what we have done together and to look forward to the wonderful opportunities ahead of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh. America, if we continue to do a good job.”

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