China is the most significant geopolitical threat: US Senator Ted

China is the most significant geopolitical threat: US Senator Ted Cruz

India risks losing information because U.S. or China phone giant Huawei is allowed to participate in the development of 5G, a US Republican senator said during a visit to Chinese President Xi Jinping in Chennai.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was also a key factor in the U.S. response to the J&K crisis, telling Hindus that there are even “legal problems” in India. Internal reconciliation, reducing tension between India and Pakistan caused anxiety in the United States.

“The United States has clarified that it is very difficult for the government to import Huawei products to control the flow of information;” To ensure US security. The government announced the decision to allow the Chinese company to test its 5G, Huawei confirmed that a demonstration will take place at the Indian Mobile Congress on Monday, which is important because Huawei is not part of the talks.

So you were a member of the United States House and Senate at the time provided further information on government events in Jammu and Kashmir, next week’s DRM Human Rights Summit, and the Senate Amendment Act, which called on India to lift sanctions. . Are you worried about these things?

I think the legal questions about how to deal with Kashmir are internal thoughts of India, and for the interest of the United States to intervene in these matters. But at the same time, we hope that we will not see Kashmir at war. Clearly, India and Pakistan are in a long and indefinite historical crisis, and the possibility of armed conflict still exists. I hope to avoid conflicts. The growing tension in Pakistan has made it difficult for India and India to work on the key issues we face in Asia and around the world. My trip was considered a “friends and companion” for an Indo-Pacific vacation, so I met some American friends and partners from all over China and collaborated with China from a variety of backgrounds. I believe China is the key to the next global country for the United States, India, and the world. Our response to the growing threat to China is a critical issue and an important tool for combating this threat somewhere on equal footing with the independent and liberal forces, and a smart examiner for its augmentation. When China emerged and power. India is Exciting in both the United States and India.

India did not negotiate. He has not spoken to any country, including the United States. And in your speech, there is Chinese President Xi in the country, who is expected to strengthen ties following the original economy and plan. Do you think the Government of India is ready to take over the work you have presented?

Sana. I urge you, as the President, India and the United States have said. friends and I think we need to help. [Chinese] laws are closely aligned with those of the Americans and Indians. When we see millions of people protesting in Hong Kong, the eyes of the world are on the Chinese symbol. Democracy must respect the rule of law and human rights to work together against it.

Are you saying that Indo-Chinese relations in the United States may be in danger of severing ties?

Commodity with China means understanding China’s risks, and India and the United States are still working on trade with China. But business doesn’t have to be a corpse, and we need to understand whom we’re talking to. If China uses state property to steal our property, threatening our security, we must understand what can happen. Huawei is a Chinese Communist Party state-owned company that offers low or low 5G development. India has a big impact when the road goes down.

But it could also hurt India. Are you kidding?

This is. India is hurting, and the United States is urging friends and family not to open their doors to China. The United States and India [need] to work together in science, and the United States clarified. It is strictly forbidden to pass information to governments that import Huawei products. It threatens the security of the US economy and any country.

When Prime Minister Modi visited the United States, stable trade was as promised. Is there an Indo-American contact?

Yes. I believe and believe that the Indo-US. The business will grow rapidly in the coming years. We have seen an increase in US sales in India. India needs more power, which will boost its economy, and India wants to bring allies like the United States to a dictatorship like Iran. I had a great conversation with the Minister for Commodities, hopefully, we’ll see. No one should be surprised at powerful language, and I hope we [languages] will benefit the world.

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