Biden’s leadership on Russia will be a bright spot in a gloomy State of the Union

Biden’s leadership on Russia will be a bright spot in a gloomy State of the Union

WASHINGTON — As President Joe Biden gives his first State of the Union address on Tuesday night, a joint global response to Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine is set to close another major issue: Biden’s economic plan.

Biden and his team spent months working on the economic part of the hourly discussion, according to White House aides. The result is a “strong case” for Biden to comment on how the U.S. economy has grown over the past year, he said.

On the contrary, the audience had a few days to shoot their spears at Russia and Ukraine – the war changes by the minute.

If this were another year, the president’s remarks on the country’s economic recovery and housing program would be more relevant to U.S. voters than talking about a foreign war thousands of miles away.

But this year is different.

In Ukraine, Biden and his foreign delegation are leading the world, reviving the NATO alliance, and responding to the challenge posed by Russian President Vladimir Putin to laws – based on globalization – that has kept peace in Europe for almost 80 years.

On Tuesday morning, tens of thousands of Russian soldiers were stationed around the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. Further east, Russian troops stormed a public square in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, killing hundreds.

In response to this intervention, a free coalition of major and minor democracies around the world has joined forces to impose severe sanctions on Russia’s central bank and punish its wealthiest citizens, its airlines, and the state media.

The attempt aims to divide Moscow and force the Kremlin to pay higher prices in the economy to start an election war.

Biden and the United States have been at the forefront of the alliance, which includes G-7 members, NATO allies, rich countries like Japan and developing countries like Ghana, and even the more neutral nations like Switzerland and Monaco.

White House Correspondent Jen Psaki said Mr. Biden “will talk about the steps we have taken not only to support the Ukrainian people with military and economic aid but also to take steps to build an international alliance that imposes financial sanctions on President Putin. His interior and the Russian economy. “

Biden will also address “the importance of the United States as president – representing culture and representing international culture,” he told reporters Monday.

Just last week, Biden confiscated phone calls to leaders with U.S. and NATO diplomats to coordinate U.S. support for Ukraine and sanctions against Russia.

He also sent thousands of U.S. troops to help protect the security of NATO members, which Russia threatens even more.

At the same time, Biden’s government and defense secretaries requested and distributed hundreds of millions of dollars in additional weapons to the Ukrainian military and humanitarian aid to refugees fleeing the front.

This combined U.S. military, political, economic, and humanitarian response has received Biden praise from Democrats and Republicans.

“President Biden’s leadership in the Ukraine crisis has been shocking,” security expert Bill Kristol tweeted on Monday.

More importantly, the first election shows that Americans of all faiths are united to support Ukraine and fight the Russian invasion.

For Republican voters, maintaining Biden’s position is anything short of ideal, especially because the newly formed Republican President, Donald Trump, has been a staunch supporter and defender of Putin.

Biden is scheduled to give an annual speech at 9 p.m. personally to the Capitol to all congressional hearings as well as several judges of the Supreme Court and his Cabinet.

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