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Everlaw Moves to AWS GovCloud (US) to Give Even Greater Security to Federal Clients

Everlaw today announced the transfer of the SaaS platform that enables Fed RAMP to Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud (USA), one of the results of citizenship acquisition and collaboration and data sharing to meet the requirements. These are difficult steps for the US Government. Everlaw’s Fed RAMP-approved platform last year is one of many companies that use technology used by U.S. government agencies. Government investigations and cases. With AWS Gov. Cloud (USA), Everlaw can now maintain its top-level integrity in response to the rapid protection of government data from security threats.

A visit to AWS GovCloud (USA) confirms Everlaw’s commitment to quality and safe service to all partners. AWS GovCloud (USA) has enabled Everlaw to maintain a better global governance system by monitoring and maintaining rigorous data. And again, the Amazon region is still used by US citizens. On the US surface, as well as the GovCloud Everlaw platform, which allows the company to serve a country represented by NOFORN requirements (no country is far away). Everlaw has also acquired the ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 Institutional Security Certificate and the SOC 2 Type 2 Certificate on Privacy, Security, Privacy, and Access, as well as authentication. Data Protection System (GDPR).

Everlaw’s integrated management system enables companies to access, interpret and edit information, which effectively contributes to local research and prevents judgments, court decisions, and internal audits and audits. From time immemorial, enterprise groups have relied on older customer programs and more expensive third-party services, but Everlaw combines speed, security, and easy-to-use alternatives that can be used indoors without the prospect or outside of employees. . Everlaw’s special features help visualize real-time and clear search results, including 365 titles, multiple translations, searchable PDFs, A / V text, presentations – clear information, foreign language translation, compilation, quick scanning and sharing, and insertion the face was opened after four weeks.

About Everlaw

Everlaw incorporates cutting-edge technology to help governments, law firms and organizations solve complex legal problems. Everlaw employs Fortune 100 business advisors and agents from websites such as Hilton and Dick’s Sporting Goods, 76 of AM Law 100, and 50 U.S. state attorneys. Everlaw, based in Oakland, California, is heavily funded by vendors including Capital, Menlo Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and K9 Ventures.

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