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KBR and Adarga Announce Strategic Partnership to Extend AI Capabilities into National Security Sector

KBR has now announced a partnership with Adara, one of the UK’s top leaders in national security and safety programs.

KBR Government’s business Solutions integrates AI’s leading AI platform to provide a variety of national security and safety programs where the right decisions are at the heart of their work.

The partnership will increase ability in key markets and accelerate action to enable organizations to use next-generation artificial intelligence testing to address their most complex challenges. It allows users to open valuable information, expectations, and hidden information in any of their ongoing data.

This understanding allows customers to improve the authenticity of valuable office information, identify collusion for intelligence analysis, support technical planning, and detect future threats and opportunities. Improving artificial intelligence enhances and enhances the personal experience by increasing mobility, organization, and performance.

“This partnership is a step forward in improving our new and credible marketing solutions and sharing our culture to help customers solve their difficult problems,” said Andrew Barrie, President of BRR, and EMEA.

The UK’s advanced software platform ™ is based on rapid collaboration with software users and has even provided valuable information to the UK Department of Defense through speed, efficiency, and decision-making.

Adara CEO Robert Bassett Cross said: “Adara is pleased to work with KBR to promote customers’ artificial intelligence capabilities in national security and safety. An essential part of modern security.”

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