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Octo Partners with Dataiku to Enable Data Science Collaboration

Octo, the UK’s leading provider of IT development services, announced today that it is working with the Dataiku platform, which enables democracy to achieve democracy and helps companies pave the way for artificial intelligence. The partnership will enable Octo to increase its commitment to working with customers to provide rapid solutions to security, intelligence, health, finance, and compliance worldwide.

Dataiku is the director of the “Magic Quadrant of the Science and Machine Learning Platform”. Their Data Science Studio (DSS) is another comprehensive platform that enables mission owners, analytical companies, data scientists, and data engineers to collaborate in the development and development of comprehensive tools and techniques. The data is intended for “agnostics” who may be exposed to programs with this higher, lower code or index. A complete data processing system allows board members to collaborate on any aspect of the program, including information, search data, information, development processes, demonstrations, and simulations.

Cindy Walker, Deputy Executive Director of Octo Data Science Health Center, said: “Improving results means improving results and what we need to do with ourselves and our customers. Rob AL Britton, CEO of AI Octa Livelihoods Center, works. “

Octo CEO Mahuli Sanghani said: “Octo’s collaborative approach has fostered collaboration since Dataik’s inception. We are excited to offer our customers additional opportunities to experience technical solutions and their unique and complex challenges.”

About Octo

Octa is a powerful technology that connects and solves the complex problems of the federal government, enabling partners to bypass the scientific revolution. We are not only modern. We build lasting change in best practices to help organizations deliver the next and next generation. With the tips and services we envision, we offer Agile, Develops, artificial intelligence, cyber security, blockchain, and cloud, open-source, and data science together to solve these problems quickly. Octa, headquartered in Reston, Virginia, brings technology to the public intelligence and health, safety, national security, and nonprofits that undermine our government.

About Dataiku

Dataiku is the world’s best artificial intelligence and learning platform that supports the strength of an organization’s data experiment through integration, collaboration, and application of artificial intelligence in both product development. At the heart of the project, Dataiku believes that to stay connected to today’s changing world, companies need to use AI-Enterprise as a common object, rather than being associated with a group or segment.

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