CIT Names Eduard Vernède as Managing Director for Defense and Government

CIT Names Eduard Vernède as Managing Director for Defense and Government Services

CIT Boka Inc. (NYSE: CIT) announced yesterday that Eduard Vernède has joined the CIT Director of the company’s Aviation, Defense, and State Agency.

In his new role, Vernède will continue to monitor cash transactions to serve the $ 1 million government and defense industry and to support the surgical industry. His job includes creating a new customer base, bringing in new markets, and seeing great customer support and satisfaction. His place is in Washington and everywhere.

“Eduard is an economic analyst with experience in aviation, security, and administration,” said John Heskin, CEO of CIT and Director of Aviation, Defense, and Public Services. “We look forward to his input and reaffirm our commitment to support this important organization.”

“We are excited to work with Eduard with our experienced team of bankers to support growth and development in this dynamic area,” said David Harnisch, CIT’s Director of Architecture and Construction. Area.

Vernède previously worked for Lloyds Banking Group, where he guarded flights with North American guards. Early elections included the Royal Bank of Scotland and ABN AMRO.

CIT Aerospace, a defense and government services group that is part of the company’s finance department, provides integrated financial services to manufacturers, retailers, and local service providers.

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CIT is the world’s leading bank committed to strengthening business and human capital as well as financial services to achieve its goals. CIT Boka Inc. (NYSE: CIT) is a company with more than 100 years of experience managing the large banking company CIT Bank, NA (FDIC Representative, Own Investments). The corporate finance sector includes corporate finance, corporate banking, central banking, equipment and suppliers, designers, financial services, finance and payroll, and market value and supply chain management. CIT Investment Group includes a direct bank and a regional subsidiary.

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