PublicInput, the Leading Public Engagement SaaS Platform for Government, Receives Minority Growth Equity Investment from Growth Street

PublicInput, the Leading Public Engagement SaaS Platform for Government, Receives Minority Growth Equity Investment from Growth Street Partners

Today, Growth Street Partners announced a small increase in the same spending on the well-known government social media platform PublicInput. PublicInput uses its headquarters to strengthen its leadership position in a fast-growing market by accelerating investment in the company’s products and growth aspirations.

Government agencies use public input to connect with communities, increase accuracy, and analyze the information provided. Good governance. PublicInput Some national governments, large and small, national transportation departments, transportation agencies, and local planning councils rely on public input to participate and listen to their people. These organizations have registered more than 35 million users through the PublicInput platform.

Governments are increasingly focusing on expanding their organizational structures, including reaching many different groups within their jurisdiction. According to an Atlas survey of 600 civil servants in July 2020, 50% of local authorities now consider the organization a priority. The main developments in the field of diseases, social standards, and national elections by 2020 underline the importance of cooperation between government and civil society.

Recently, there has been an increase in the interconnected state of the country. Within days of taking office, President Biden issued an Environmental Justice Order launching the Justice40 investment plan for needy countries. The order prompted the Environmental Protection Agency “to take immediate and timely action to improve speed and improve relations with stakeholders and polluting and deprived communities. public input is in a unique position to meet this need. organizations can reach a wider audience and address these issues.

The focus on tensions is part of a larger shift driven by PublicInput technology. As millions of data are collected from people every day, governments make better and more informed decisions by listening to the collective voice of the people, not just the voice of the people.

“Growth Street is pleased to partner with Jay, his founding partner Graham Stone and the growing group of public input. Exploring the company’s broad-based trends and potential maps with powerful public service communication tools is an important resource. focus is essential for making decisions and making information that represents the community they serve, ”said Steve Wolfe and Nate Grossman, founders of Growth Street.


public input is a system for more than 200 public organizations and their advisors to communicate, listen and make informed decisions. The company offers the only solution for the public consultation process and has three main components: Community Engagement Hub for Data Collection, Summary CRM collects and analyzes this data, and Public | Communicate to ensure good and constant communication. To shape its position individually, the company’s mission is to connect government agencies with the communities it serves and to help participate equally in decision-making and representation. public input is located in Raleigh, NC, and is operational.

Growth Street Partners

Growth Street Partners provides fast-growing funding for SaaS companies and technology services emerging in the US market. The company worked with the founders who lived with the problems their companies solved. Investments include Pear Deck, ChildcareCRM, Visual Lease, Hotel Effectiveness, Suralink, HR Acuity, Govinda, PikMyKid, and public input. The company has $ 200 million worth of assets under two divisions (Fund I: $ 70 million, Fund II: $ 130 million).

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