COVID vaccination site opens at Dulles for arriving

COVID vaccination site opens at Dulles for arriving Afghans

WASHINGTON (AP)-The U.S. government has released a large drug, COVID-19 vaccination, to immigrants arriving in Afghanistan near Dulles International Airport, bringing in thousands of people fleeing the Taliban every day.

White House news secretary Jen Psaki confirmed on Friday that a website run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency published the Afghan drug. Another high-rise checkpoint will open in the coming days for survivors who have arrived at Philadelphia International Airport, said a senior official who was not allowed to comment on the matter. Whatever it is.

The White House announced earlier this week that it is working to introduce the new vaccination to newcomers to the United States.

Biden’s administrative office tried to make sure the drug was available immediately upon arrival in the country and decided that the best way to do that was to build a public shelter at Dulles Expo, where many people live. They underwent a medical examination and were left to stand awhile before moving to military bases in New Jersey, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Texas.

Preventive medicine – the same vaccination at Johnson & Johnson – was developed by the national disaster relief system and a translation department is available to answer questions about the medicine.

According to the Pentagon, Dulles was the only way he went until Friday. Civil and refugee flights will also fly to Philadelphia on Friday. According to White House officials, refugees should be vaccinated as a condition of admission.

People infected with the virus have also read it on arrival and receipt after confirming its safety. There is no information about the number of traffickers, most of whom were tested before leaving Kabul, who have already been tested for the virus to reach the United States.

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