U.S. voters show bipartisan concern over Chinese government influence, poll finds-government.vision

U.S. voters show bipartisan concern over Chinese government influence, poll finds

US voters’ problems regarding Chinese power in the US government.

Nearly 92% of Republicans are worried about the power of the Chinese government in the United States, compared to 71% of Democrats and 79% of independents, who have more than 6,000 people with 12 to 13 voters in the grave. . The results of the 2022 election are available.

The survey was conducted by the legitimate election government Trafalgar Group, along with advertising companies, in collaboration with the nonprofit conservation group Convention of States Action, which reported the results in newspapers this week.

In releasing the measures, U.S. voters President Mark Meckler accused the Chinese government of “long-term conspiracy to overthrow the United States”. “

He accused the American media of avoiding Beijing’s actions, saying “the only people who could be intimidated by [the election] are journalists and their friends in Washington who work naked to believe that Russia is a real threat.”

 China has damaged its experience of freedom and is spreading oppressive regimes around the world.” Said the Lord. Meckler’s proverb

Chinese officials strongly condemned such behavior. They also found that Beijing’s foreign policy, along with the billions of dollars China has launched in recent years at international banks and stations, is effective and aims to help poor countries thrive economically.

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