FCDO agrees the partial sale of the British Embassy Tokyo estate-government.vision

FCDO agrees the partial sale of the British Embassy Tokyo estate

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Development have agreed to sell part of the office of the British embassy in central Tokyo, which is used only for renting accommodation for employees.

Proceeds from the sale will go towards improving facilities and upgrades, including solar panels and power upgrades, and improving the size of the global FCDO store in New Delhi and elsewhere.

An FCDO representative said:

”The proceeds from this sale help in the operation of the Tokyo Embassy,   New Delhi, as well as the vast Indo-Pacific region as modern and friendly hotels around the world. By constantly reviewing the plans of our 220 missionaries abroad, we can buy valuable money from British taxpayers as we advertise British interests around the world.”

The property is for sale by Mitsubishi Estate Group. Specific business orders, including transaction costs, are not public at this time.

The FCDO continues to explore its global assets, setting higher standards around the world to promote British interests, increasing British taxes.

Information for leaders

  • FCDO controls external resources. The building is very different, with about five hundred and four hundred houses.
  • Housing is the foundation of HMG alone:   up to 30 government departments operating from offices including representatives, high commissioners, and missionaries, as well as housing staff, in 270 remote countries.

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