House lawmakers subpoena ex-DOJ official over alleged attempts to interrupt Trump-Biden power

House lawmakers subpoena ex-DOJ official over alleged attempts to interrupt Trump-Biden power transfer

The House of Representatives called for an end to the Jan. 6 violence against Governor Jeffrey Clark on Wednesday, calling for witnesses who attempted to undermine Joe Biden’s power. By Donald Trump.

Clark, the former attorney general of the state DJ department, presented the articles and will wait for a launch on May 29, the House of Representatives said.

In a letter, the committee said they found “convincing evidence” that Clark was trying to influence the DOJ “in an attempt to interfere with the peaceful transfer of power.”

The committee’s previous request came five days after it announced it would immediately publish a name to prevent former Trump adviser Steve Bannon from enforcing the law. Bannon is scheduled to arrive in China.

“We need to understand Mr. Clark’s role in this effort in the justice department and identify who is participating in this event. The Select Committee expects Clark to work with us. Investigate,” Thompson said.

A letter to House Clark confirmed a Senate Judiciary Committee report on its origins, entitled “Justice: How the President and His Friends Forced the DoJ to Cancel the 2020 Election.”

The statement informed Clark that the DOJ had sent a letter to Georgia and other states that defeated Biden, urging them to consider their respective presidential changes. For “sworn oaths without a vote.”

The letter instructed constituent parliamentarians from time to time to “take appropriate action” if “the vote fails to make a reasonable and effective decision,” according to the law. The Senate report.

A letter from Clark was sent Aug. 28 to Attorney General Jeff Rosen and his deputy Richard Donoghue, who then denied it. “There is no opportunity for me to sign this book or get here,” Donoghue repeated, the statement said.

The three executives met in a difficult meeting, during which Clark said Trump was considering replacing the head DJ, according to a report.

A few days later at a meeting on Aug. 31 in the oval office, Mr. Trump told Rosen and Donoghue that people had told him they needed to evict and install Clark. Speaking to Rosen the same day, Clark said Trump asked him if he wanted to be the attorney general if Rosen was replaced.

The Senate statement “also reflects your role in preventing the investigation into allegations of election fraud and failure to comply with the Department’s policy on joining the White House,” the House committee said in a statement. Go to Clark.

“Your efforts threaten to involve the Department of Justice in actions that do not require sufficient evidence and threaten to change the law,” the letter said.

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