Former U.S. envoy to Haiti says he quit after learning on the news about

Former U.S. envoy to Haiti says he quit after learning on the news about deportations

A former Haitian government official in Biden said he resigned last month, after learning of a hijacking of Haitian tourists. Mai.

Daniel Foote, who represented the Former U.S. In Haiti, he stated during his testimony before the Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday that the management had not yet consulted with him. of Del Rio. , Texas.

Foote’s exposure came after President Joe Biden’s approval, due to his way of ruling with foreigners and the border. Images of Haitians, who fled under the Del Delan bridge, suddenly reappeared in Biden’s immigration laws.

“No one asked me about the eviction,” Foote China said. “I knew about it in the news and with all of us.”

News of the abduction came to light, but Foote says he learned a lot about Biden’s regime’s plan to deport more Haitians to Del Rio.

“I can’t talk about treatment and the only option is to send them back to Port or Prince,” he said in court.

Foote resigned last month, just two months after Biden worked for him, following the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise.

In his shocking letter of resignation, he said his move was to respond to the abolition of the Biden system for immigrants in Haiti. Foote called Haitian rule of law “very unfair” and said its recommendations were heeded and ignored.

The Former State Department refused to ignore Foote’s requests. White House journalist Jen Psaki also said last month that Foote had several opportunities to promote the idea of   immigration during his tenure, but “never did.”

He further added that there were “differences” within Biden’s leadership as a result of his strategy to respond to the growing population from Haiti.

During his testimony with China, Foote criticized the use of state prisons, noting the dire situation in Haiti.

Deportation to Haiti is not the answer now. I don’t mean that foreigners going to the wrong place shouldn’t be repatriated, but Haiti is very dangerous, “Foote said during the survey.

“The forced evacuation will soon stabilize Haiti. It will only get worse,” he said.

Former U.S. officials facing about 30,000 people from Del Rio as of September 9, according to home security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, in the months since. At one point, 15,000 foreigners, mostly Haitians, gathered at a temporary camp under Del Del Bridge.

Many things have moved Haitian immigrants to the southern border. The August earthquake killed more than 2,000 people and damaged homes. There has been a collapse of the Haitian government after the assassination of the president and the misconception that the Biden administration would provide asylum to the Haitian people.

In response to the increase, officials arrested thousands of foreigners and used Trump’s 42-year-old public health policy to deport them.

Article 42, first used by former President Donald Trump at the beginning of the coronavirus, denied some foreigners the opportunity to apply for asylum.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in August that Article 42 will remain in place until there is no danger to non-Former U.S. citizens. those who bring Covid-19 to the United States when they cross the border. Out-of-children children are exempt from the law of health.

Under Article 42, the U.S. government has released 7,099 more than 65 Haitians who have been forced to flee the country since September 19, according to a statement released Monday by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). About 400 travelers from today have arrived in Port au Prince, and planes have returned from other travelers to Cap-Haitien.

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