Biden to tout vaccine mandates for large companies in Chicago

Biden to tout vaccine mandates for large companies in Chicago trip

U.S. President Joe Biden will visit Chicago on Thursday to meet with United Airlines CEOs and Democratic leaders as they support the move to knock Covid-19 into employees of large companies, White said.

Last month, Biden ordered to vaccinate all union workers and employees, except a few, and a hundred or more self-employed workers who had to be vaccinated or tested once a week.

The move was controversial and continued to push many Republican governors, including Florida, Ron DeSantis, and South Carolina, Henry McMaster, promising to fight for leadership “at the gates of hell.”

But on Thursday, Biden plans to reveal what he sees in local success stories, including Mayor Lori Lightfoot, setting up a full-time employee in late October, as well as part of the U.S., the first U.S. company. the need is necessary.

“The president’s message is clear: medicine needs work,” the White House said in a statement awaiting the visit. Such laws “allow to vaccinate more people, help eradicate the disease and strengthen the economy,” the statement added.

In addition to Lightfoot and United CEO Scott Kirby, Biden will speak with state Governor J.B. In August, Pritzker announced a requirement to vaccinate qualified students and schoolchildren.

The Biden Directive’s announcement was a milestone when his administration struggled to control the disease, which killed more than 76 Americans, with many in the country refusing to boycott the vaccine for a month.

The law, according to the White House, is about 100 million American workers

The emergence of the Covid-19 Delta virus has spread the disease, causing it to spread not only to the country but also to the president, who has fulfilled his promise to fight the disease. Biden’s credibility disappeared after he said in July that the United States was “closer than ever declaring independence from the deadly virus.”

U.S. Daase Institutional Director of Control and Prevention said. (DISEASE CONTROL CENTER) ‘

Biden will also visit a construction site in Elk Grove City, built by construction company Clayco, which plans to do more injections or testing for all of its employees.

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