Influential donors rally around New York lieutenant governor ahead of next year’s high-stakes

Influential donors rally around New York lieutenant governor ahead of next year’s high-stakes campaign

New York Lt. Government Brian Benjamin is quietly collecting some of the major donations as he prepares for the first battle for his seat.

Benjamin was the state senator but was not elected by Governor. Kathy Hochul in August as governor-general began meeting with the rich last week to begin building their military box, according to people familiar with the matter. Some people who refused to be named spoke openly about the fundraising process.

Benjamin is ready to be re-elected in 2022 and is likely to face the first contestants for his seat, including state candidate Alessandra Biaggi.

Benjamin attended the start of the fundraiser on Nov. 9 at the home of New York businessman Dennis Mehiel, say some people. Several more funds will be available in the coming weeks, according to people who know how to try.

Proponents of her case worked to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Hochul and his ability to run for the future governor, among other reasons.

Hochul himself is in the midst of a major Democratic election for his seat, and New York Attorney General Letitia James recently announced her commitment to become governor.

Benjamin is a moderate Democrat who integrates the New York business community with his former Morgan Stanley business. He was a member of the national finance committee of former President Barack Obama and later Deputy Prime Minister Kamala Harris during the 2020 presidential election.

Hochul spoke at a news conference when he informed Benjamin that he would be “someone who will be there to support our plans and plans for our management in all parts of the country and to focus on New York because New York needs our help.”

Some of the top Democratic donors and most influential athletes in the region were in early November, including Mike Kempner, CEO of public relations MikeWorldWide; Jon Henes, General Manager of Street C Advisory Group; Melissa Prober, Benjamin finance president and general manager at Henes; by Brian Mathis, Wall Street hero and founder of Pine Street Alternative Asset Management. A list of participants was provided.

Other business leaders on the list include real estate managers Will Blodgett and Bruce Teitelbaum. Laurie Tisch, a member of the New York Giants, is on the show.

The event resulted in a $ 200,000 raise, surpassing their original goal of bringing in $ 100,000 for Benjamin’s competition, people said. Donors can donate $ 22,000 to selected candidates worldwide to represent New York City officials in the first term.

“It is not surprising that donors are happy with Lt. Governor and we are looking forward to getting started,” Prober said in a statement. “I can tell you this: it’s just started and the numbers will be strong enough to download the first file in January.”

Benjamin also brought in two fundraisers to advise him on how to conduct the operation. Shari Yost Gold, a longtime caretaker of Harris, signed Benjamin’s volunteer program, which was confirmed.

“Brian is a big part of the party’s future – smart, smart, and visible to donors – they still stand to help him,” Yost Gold said of his Benjamin career.

Anthony Mercurio, who helped lead Immigration Minister Pete Buttigieg to try to represent the president in 2020, also advises Benjamin, according to the people who spoke on the issue.

Many of the Benjamin fundraisers also contributed to the Harris ’2020 campaign and provided live information to other Democratic leaders around the world. Kempner, who presided over a recent event at Mehiel’s home, one of the vendors used his network with Benjamin as one of his outside advisors. He was Harris’ state finance officer in his first White House presentation.

Leaders of the newly formed party include former New York Governor David Paterson, former MP Charlie Rangel, New York Democratic Council representative Corey Johnson, and Dr. Hazel Dukes, president of the NAACP New York State Conference, program revelation.

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