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Karine Jean-Pierre named new White House press secretary

WASHINGTON – On Thursday, President Joe Biden appointed Karine Jean-Pierre as the new Press Secretary for the White House to replace Jen Psak, who will step down at the end of next week.

Jean-Pierre, the current White House deputy press secretary, is the first black woman and also the first open LGBTQ person on the job. The last day of Psak is May 13th.

Psaki, the best-known face of the Biden administration since day one, has reportedly spoken out about joining MSNBC. His departure came when Biden faltered below the low approval rating as inflation rose and when Democrats had major obstacles to maintaining power in Congress.

“Karine Jean-Pierre not only brings the experience, talent, and honesty needed for this hard work,” Biden said in a statement, “but she continues to lead the job of the Biden-Harris administration on behalf of the people of the United States.”

Before joining the White House, Jean-Pierre served as Director of Public Affairs at MoveOn.org and as a political analyst at NBC and MSNBC. He was the regional policy director of the White House Political Affairs Office during the Obama-Biden administration and the deputy director of the battlefield states for President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

“It was a historic moment, and I haven’t lost it,” Jean-Pierre described the “emotional day,” and thanked the president and Psak, whom he called a friend and mentor. “It is an honor and a privilege to be on this podium.”

Psaki suffocated as he greeted Jean-Pierre – whom he called the “partner of truth” – and welcomed him to the podium to begin the press conference on Thursday.

“Representation is important and he gives voice to many and allows and shows many what is possible when he works hard and dreams big,” Psaki said. He called his successor a “wonderful man” who came to work with decades of experience. “I just can’t wait to see him shine on the podium.”

The White House also announced that Biden’s longtime trustee, Anita Dunn, will return as the president’s advisor and assistant. After joining the White House last year, Dunn returned to SKDK, a political consulting firm of which he was a shareholder and founding member.

In the most prominent role of the administration, Psaki has earned a cult following online for his sharp discussions with journalists and sharp deliveries. Jean-Pierre led press conferences at the White House several times in Psak’s absence.

Psaki is queuing to host a program for MSNBC on NBC Universal’s streaming platform Peacock, according to Axios, and will not replace MSNBC star presenter Rachel Maddow at 9 p.m. ET time, as some speculate. He also participates in live programs on various MSNBC programs.

Psaki, who said he hoped to spend more time with his family, declined to discuss his professional plans.

In his statement, Biden thanked Psak for “raising the bar, speaking directly and truthfully to Americans while maintaining his sense of humor.” The president said Psaki has “set the standard for the restoration of decency, respect, and decency in the White House Information Room.”

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