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White House to host union organizers representing Amazon, Starbucks workers

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris will hold a meeting at the White House on Thursday with organizers from Amazon.com, Starbucks, and other employers.

The conference will be attended by Christian Smalls, leader of the Amazon Workers Union, and other ground organizers of Starbucks, United Paizo Workers, the Baltimore Public Library, and a coalition that organized collaboration on behalf of foreign businessman REI of the White House such an officer.

The meeting discussed “their significant efforts to organize unions in their workplaces and how their efforts could encourage workers around the world to decide to join or organize a union,” the official added.

More than 50 American Starbucks coffee shop workers have decided to join Workers United, while five stores have voted for the union and about 240 joint candidates have voted since August. Starbucks told investors Tuesday it will put $ 1 billion into workers this fiscal year and said their average U.S. salary will be $ 17 an hour this summer, from $ 15 to $ 23.

The U.S. Senate Budget Committee will hear from China on Amazon and Small and Sean O’Brien, chairman of Teamsters, and Greg LeRoy, CEO of Good Jobs First.

Last month, President Joe Biden applauded loudly at a staff event as he watched Amazon.

After joining the government team in the union he formed last year, “to make sure the choice to join the union is for private workers,” Biden called on Amazon.

“And by the way, by the way, Amazon has come. Look. Look,” Biden said.

Mr. Biden, who has been under intense scrutiny as a union leader for decades, quickly fired officials who were seen by unions as anti-workers and reinstated President Donald Trump’s policy, which critics say has undermined labor protection.

Last week, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders called on Biden to pass a law repealing Amazon’s union agreements, saying the online retailer “became a prodigy in the fight against the illegal consortium, taking billions in union agreements.”

Workers at the Amazon warehouse in New York City recently voted to form the first and second-largest unions in the U.S. and join an Amazon union led by a former employee, Small, that claimed higher wages and reliability.

Amazon dismissed the union and accused the union of intimidating workers unless they voted in favor of the plan, which was rejected by a group of workers.

Separated Amazon employees voted against relocating New York’s second home, which showed a poll Monday that marked the defeat of planners.

Amazon and Starbucks did not immediately respond to requests for a response.

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