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POW: The water industry must do more to protect the environment

Ofwat should ensure that the English water industry does more to protect the environment, the Government announced today (February 2), as it has set priorities for the judge for the next five years.

The new Strategic Policy Statement (SPS), which will be unveiled by the Government and presented in Parliament later today, will emphasize the importance of protecting the environment for the water sector.

It will address the Government’s expectation that Ofwat and water companies will prioritize environmental protection and development, and deliver sustainable and sustainable water

In particular, it emphasizes the government’s expectations of water companies to significantly reduce the volume and volume of sewage flow from the storm. It also encourages Ofwat to challenge them to show how much they will be interested in protecting the environment while gaining value.

These priorities are building on the clear path that the Government has already taken through direct action in this area, including:

• other functions of government and water companies in the Environmental Act, including the need to provide timely information on the effects of the hurricane and for the government to develop a legal framework by September 2022 to address the issue.

• Drive more focus and transparency with the Storm Overflows Taskforce. Online coverage has increased 14 times in the last five years and the Environment Agency now monitors 80% of storms – which will increase to 100% by 2023.

• Introduce solutions to farmers to reduce agricultural pollution by doubling the budget of Catchment Sensitive Farming. This partnership between Defra, Natural England, and the Environment Agency gives free 1-2-1 advice to farmers on reducing pollution by controlling manure and soil, among other things.

• Tension of water companies. Last year, the Environment Agency stopped seven lawsuits against companies with fines of more than $ 100 million. The organization has also launched a major investigation into the potential for illegal sewerage activities.

The SPS also provides great value for solving unstable failures, preserving original locations such as chalk streams, and ensuring flood stability.

Climate Minister Rebecca POW said:

“The quality of the water is very important. We are the first Government to set a clear expectation that Ofwat should prioritize measures with water companies to protect the environment and bring about the development we all want to see. I was clear about my expectations for water companies and where he didn’t get up, we will take firm action.

“The key issues we are talking about today are based on the work we have already done to reduce the risk of storms, improve the monitoring and reporting of pollution incidents that explain this, improve access to agriculture and maintain the health of our rivers and oceans. … “

As an economist, Ofwat has a responsibility to talk about which water companies should control their spending within every five years of spending. It is the responsibility of the State to set the agenda and the values of the program as part of that process.

The management plan for the new SPS follows a consultation on government plans planned for July 2021. It is intended to affect the next five years of spending, which will run from 2025 to 2030. In the current period (2020) – 2025), £ 7.1 Billion have already been invested locally, including £ 3.1 billion mainly for hurricanes.

The SPS will be implemented after it has been presented to Parliament for 40 days without a doubt. Ofwat should address this statement, clearly stating how important choices support the delivery of government programs as a method of price analysis comes.

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