Wales Veterans Commissioner launched in new UK Government Veterans Strategy Action

Wales Veterans Commissioner launched in new UK Government Veterans Strategy Action Plan

The Veterans Commissioner for Wales will be appointed this year, the UK government said.

The Welsh Veterans Commissioner is working to improve support for Welsh veterans, and relevant national policies are being reviewed.

This role is based on the success of equivalent roles in Scotland and Northern Ireland and means that all transferred countries have a Veterans Commissioner.

This will come when the Veterans Agency publishes a Strategic Action Plan for Veterans. The plan includes 60 intergovernmental commitments, including the launch of a new Commissioner for Wales to support veterans, with total funding of more than £ 70 million.

The plan will increase employment, increase health and wellness services, and improve the knowledge and understanding of the veteran’s community.

Secretary of Defense and Veterans Affairs Leo Docherty said:

The Welsh Veterans Commissioner is an independent voice in veterans’ affairs and helps protect the interests of a strong former community.

No matter where veterans are in the UK government, we want them to have access to the best quality support.

Welsh Secretary Simon Hart said:

The armed forces in Wales have a long and important tradition and we are extremely proud of our Welsh veterans. Our former soldiers and women and their families deserve recognition, support, and respect both during and after their service.

The appointment of a Welsh Veterans Commissioner will increase and coordinate existing support and underline the UK Government‘s commitment to the well-being of men and women serving in our armed forces.

Hannah Blythyn, Deputy Minister for Social Partnership in the Welsh Uk Government, said:

I would like to welcome the decision to appoint a Commissioner for Veterans in Wales. It adds value to the rich support and services provided to veterans in Wales.

From our unique Veterans NHS Wales service, which supports veterans with mental health problems, to our Armed Forces Liaison Officers, who provide support to veterans and their families with local support available in key areas such as health and housing, and support for charities in dealing with loneliness and social issues problems segregation and resources to support organizations in recruiting veterans.

As a government, we remain committed to providing services and support to our veterans in Wales, and today’s announcement complements that.

The Welsh Government also supports veterans in the areas transferred, such as Veterans NHS Wales, which ensures that each local health committee has a specialist veterinary therapist. The Welsh Government also supports the UK Government’s Great Place to Work initiative, as does the Veterans Railcard.

Commitments to the Veterans Action Plan include:

• The Welsh Government supports the Veterans NHS Welsh Mental Health Service and the Veterans Trauma Network (VTN) Welsh Service for Veterans with Severe Physical Injuries

• The Welsh Government is working with Armed Forces Liaison Officers (AFLO) and partners, including regional suicide and self-harm prevention coordinators, to promote mental health training.

• The Welsh Government is reviewing and publishing a new “Armed Forces Pact, Health Services Priority for Veteran Leadership”.

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