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3 ways digital transformation makes governments more responsive

COVID-19 has set significant requirements for public services – unmet requirements. In addition, NGOs are currently monitoring the digital transformation government to improve the transparency, information system, and data security required for the process. digital transformation Governments now recognize that these are old-fashioned ways of doing business. They need to be flexible and adaptable to meet today’s needs. Some have moved to the area because of unsatisfactory desires for the disease. For others, COVID-19 increased the completed journey of digital transformation.

This blog covers three different opportunities that the digital transformation government can embrace as they work to improve their employees and the general public.

Leading through crisis

In times of crisis, people will look to the digital transformation government for guidance on how to respond. The reason is that many people rely on the government for their welfare, which includes protecting their health and their well-being. According to Gartner, “Government agencies need to respond more quickly than ever to environmental, economic and technological changes.

For example, despite social status, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) needs a quick and reliable way to create essential services and provide intermediate intelligence to protect their environment. In the paper-based cultural section, LAPD deals with the use of paper in a community of approximately two million people. Involvement has helped to improve communication and cooperation between adults and to ensure the safety of citizens. It also helped to improve solutions to social problems. As Jens Back’s office states: “It helps groups to bridge the gap between what society expects of us and what they have” The use of LAPD has made it possible to provide services to the community.

Building community trust

According to a Gartner survey, “81.2 percent of state CIOs saw the use of digital access to citizens as one of the major changes in their organization due to the disease.” They should rely on the information they share to improve. their lives, now and in the future. In this case, the main confidence of the vaccine includes transparency, security, privacy, and compliance.

The Flemish government in Belgium recognizes the importance of trust. Upon arrival, those wishing to open a business should provide personal information including age and income. The government then receives this information before accepting a business application. Administrators have made Azure Active Directory easy to use. The use of the current system makes it easier to adjust the secretary and requests of the government agency, reduce the burden on citizens, and increase confidence in the country. As a result, government agencies have fulfilled their mission to establish trustworthy relationships while protecting voters’ privacy.

Intelligent security where it matters

It is estimated that by 2025, 65 percent of government agencies will use analytics to protect the security and privacy of computer equipment. . The Zero Trust solution builds security on all digital data.

North Carolina, County Durham is home to approximately three hundred thousand residents. When the plague forced county workers to work far away, County Durham was severely attacked. It soon became apparent that the facility needed new equipment to provide access to its remote employees. They looked at the F5 Network and then dropped the request. Users now use Azure Active Directory data as a single text with multiple fonts. The solution reduces the risk of future attacks and equips employees and residents with similar equipment to protect themselves.

Enabling digital transformation within government

Government agencies around the world are leading the way in digital transformation. empowering governments around the world to make better use of our trustworthy and secure principles, all backed by a strong friendly community. They take advantage of business challenges, working with governments around the world as they embark on a professional journey.

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