Shared Services in Government Critical Success Factors for

Shared Services in Government Critical Success Factors for Sustainability


Shared Services Government agencies face challenges that make it difficult for leaders to maintain their mission. Reducing funding, doing more with less, doubling IT in many departments, the lack of integration between legacy fundamentals and new software-based applications all point to the need to share services. As a professional example of analytics, service sharing has grown to become one of the best in the world.

Shared Services Center (SSC) refers to an integrated group (including human, operational, and state-of-the-art) organized as a service center and focused on business-selected tasks. These activities are supported by information technology (IT) and IT services for many business units in the business.

As part of the index, European public institutions have been using an integrated approach to sharing services, for the sharing of IT and non-IT services for many years. The governments of the Middle East and Africa have recently announced. Canada, through the Office Management Company, takes a strong position in retail businesses such as information centers and email correspondence.

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