Government cyber security in the cloud age -

Government cyber security in the cloud age – welcome

Karina Home, CEO of Microsoft’s Azure Government, announced Internet Government at the Cloud Age conference in Washington in October 2019.


The reason

The purpose of this article is to try to get to the major events that could undermine the security of the country through government programs.

Plans / methods / opportunities

The paper welcomes the analysis of ways to establish a framework for the relationship between national security, cyber security, and computer security, and then examines the acute shortcomings. This could jeopardize national security as part of government fundraising.


The newspaper addresses several issues, such as the relationship between security and national security, but also several issues that could harm national security, while governments are adding clear national and national laws on online data security and public participation in recent years.

Education works

Governments are working to improve their digital capabilities to meet the needs of citizens. One technology that the government has long used is “cloud computing” because science brings many benefits; such as lower prices, more storage space, and greater computer efficiency. Thus, moving the cloud system increases the storage space.


The value of the paper is in the history book, which is news that can be added to the protocol on the relationship between new science and national security. It also has a great annual plan to help guests stay safe.

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