Biden says a Russian invasion of Ukraine ‘would change the world’

Biden says a Russian invasion of Ukraine ‘would change the world’

WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden on Tuesday gave an important key to the history of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and said it was the largest invasion since World War II.

“It changes the world,” Biden said of the tens of thousands of Russian soldiers gathered on the Russia-Ukraine border to carry out an offensive against Ukraine.

Biden’s discussions show a growing consensus among scholars that the conflict in Ukraine is not only in a small part but has recently spread throughout Europe.

In stark contrast to Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, which took place mostly in Crimea itself, the war lasted more than a month and Ukraine later withdrew its forces au.

Biden made the remarks during a surprise visit to the Honey Made gift shop near the Capitol, which sells handicrafts. The recovery is part of a larger effort to reflect the growing number of small businesses created during the disease.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops on the Ukrainian border for several months. Putin said Russia was protecting itself from growing NATO ties. He wants to make sure in Ukraine it will not be accepted.

Now more than 100,000 Russian soldiers and weapons are in possession, analysts and lawmakers say, presumably even in the political talks between Moscow and NATO representatives in Geneva could prevent Putin from entering Ukraine.

Biden went on to promise not to send US or NATO troops to Ukraine. However, he recently led the Pentagon to prepare 8,500 U.S. troops.

When asked if the chances of a Russian attack have increased or decreased in recent days, Biden replied that it is difficult to predict Putin’s departure.

“It’s like reading pages of tea,” Biden said. “Normally, if he continues to build teams on the border between Ukraine and Belarus, he can say to another leader, ‘Well, it looks like he’s going to do it. Something. ‘

In Putin’s case, however, the powerful leader has a long history of slander and double-talking. In addition, Russia’s economy is dependent on the supply of electricity to Europe and is likely to face economic sanctions that NATO has promised to provide in response to Ukraine’s attacks.

“If [Putin] attacks and enters the world, there will be far-reaching consequences,” Biden said.

“Not only because of the economic and political situation for Russia,” but also because of global influences, had he said as he prepared to buy a sweater, sweater, and gag in front of Vice President Kamala Harris.

NATO’s economic sanctions continue to be discussed, but are believed to have never happened before in size and scale, and apply to Russian agencies as well as security and the business community.

Biden also said on Tuesday that he was ready to punish Putin.

Therefore, it is not known how much this will cost. Putin revealed that his income was only $ 140,000 in wages and real estate sales.

Putin lives in a much more expensive building than Buckingham Palace, and experts believe he spent billions of dollars and used the world’s banking system to hide his money.

For months, the West has been watching Putin’s spectacular performance with Russian troops and equipment on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Russian authorities have repeatedly called on the United States to suspend NATO power in the east.

Russia also demanded that the United States “stop building a military base” on the territory of the former Soviet Union, or “use its resources.” a place where an army is to be deployed or to ally with two armies”.

Since 2002, Ukraine has been called to join NATO, where Article 5 (5) describes the United Nations as a threat to national security.

Biden said on Tuesday that all NATO countries in the region, including Poland, Hungary, and Romania, must make sure the alliance is ready to protect them.

“No, no NATO member cares whether we, NATO, will protect them or not,” Biden said.

Ultimately, according to the president, the question is what to do with the American military and NATO in line with Putin’s actions.

After the gift shop, Biden stopped on the way back to the White House to drink Jen’s ice cream.

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