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Hong Kong activists jailed over Tiananmen crackdown vigil

HONG KONG (AP) – Nine Hong Kong workers and lawmakers were sentenced on Wednesday to ten years in prison for their efforts to block bicycles in Tiananmen.

These nine were part of a group of 12 prosecutors who agreed to participate in the Chinese National Competition in Beijing in 1989 earlier this month. The other three were sentenced to death. All were charged with a crime and seven of them were charged with crime prevention to provoke others into the campaign.

Last year, for the first time in 30 years, police banned the annual demonstration. Proponents of his case are working to make a real translation of this statement available online. Despite the ban, more than a dozen were arrested on June 4 and thousands followed. People rushed to barracks near Victoria Park to light candles and sing songs despite police warnings.

Police later arrested more than 20 protesters, including leaders of the Hong Kong Union, which supports China’s patriotic democratic movements, an organization that is constantly monitored every year. Some of those sentenced on Wednesday, such as lawyers Albert Ho and current chairman of the human rights working group Figo Chan, has already been sentenced to imprisonment in several illegal meetings.

Eight other cases were reported last year in Tiananmen, including Jimmy Lai, founder of Apple Day and founder of President Lee Cheuk-Yan, who pleaded guilty and will be convicted in November.

Joshua Folau and the government quietly supported the government and pleaded guilty to the crime, and were sentenced to four to ten months in prison. Last June, Beijing enacted the Hong Kong Security Law on Discrimination, Harassment, Harassment, and Discrimination in Urban Matters. More than 100 people were arrested under the law to ensure the security of the country.

Beijing and Hong Kong officials were criticized for restoring Hong Kong’s allowed independence 50 years ago when the first British colony in China was imported in 1997.

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