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‘You’ve never faced those choices’: Psaki responds to a male reporter questioning Biden support on abortion

WASHINGTON – White House Secretary-General Jen Psaki resigned on Thursday when a reporter urged President Joe Biden to support abortion despite his Catholic beliefs.

At a press conference with China, EWTN World Catholic reporter Network reporter Owen Jensen asked Psak how Biden proposed shortening tattoos, “what his Catholic faith teaches to avoid immorality.”

She believes in women’s rights. The body is a woman and she chose it,” Psaki said before writing to reporters to ask.

The first speaker intervened and asked Psak, whose president thought he should “take care of the unborn child.”

 For women who oppose the choice, it’s a very difficult thing. The boss believes we should respect it honestly.”

The Supreme Court ruling on Wednesday night rejected some human rights activists repealing Texas law, which bans cases after six weeks of pregnancy, the country’s strongest law.

Republican Prime Minister Greg Abbott passed the law in May, but it didn’t come into force until Wednesday. The law prohibits childbirth after a baby’s heartbeat, which can happen within six weeks, and does not cover rape or sexual offenses, but allows people to do so. This will lead to a “crisis“.

Texas law also has its own physical characteristics. The law encourages independent citizens to report that everyone is helping someone get pregnant during a heart attack. A client can get up to ten thousand dollars for sex if he wins his case.

In a statement, Biden condemned the Supreme Court’s decision as an “unintentional violation of womens rights.”

In his remarks, Biden called for a policy of sexual violence, along with other agencies such as the White House Adviser, the Department of Health and Human Resources, and the Department of Justice, to “decide whether foreign ministries can act.” the tools we need to protect women and work in private organizations from the consequences of Texas ’various rape systems. “

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